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Ninjutsu (にんじゅつ, Ninjutsu?) is a skillset in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- used by Edge. It has various effects ranging from damage spells to offensive spells.

List of Ninjutsu abilities[]

Name MP Cost Description Level Acquired Image
Flame 15 Releases fire through ninjutsu. Default
Shadowbind 5 Pins target and temporarily prevents it from performing any actions. Default
Smoke 10 Creates a veil of smoke to help allies flee from battle. Default
Flood 20 Releases a tidal wave through ninjutsu. Edge: Known
Blitz 25 Releases lightning through ninjutsu. Default
Mirage 6 Creates illusion of one's self to confuse the enemy. 38


Ninjutsu, sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō, is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside of Japan as ninja). The feature of mudras and Sanskrit like writing in their casting refers to the magic of Horiki, being said to be fantastical powers gained in the sects of Mikkyo Buddhism through intensive meditation, and are said to be one curriculum in Ninjutsu said to be responsible for their mythical powers.