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[[Category:Bravely Default Abilities]]
[[Category:Bravely Default Abilities]]

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Template:Images Ninjutsu (にんじゅつ, Ninjutsu?) is a skillset used and learnt by the Ninja. It focuses on various utility skills relating to physical prowess and evasion of enemy attacks.

List of Abilities

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Shippûjinrai 1 16 MP Attack at the start of the turn and deal the same damage as a conventional attack.
Utsusemi 4 Evade a physical attack one time.
Ikkikasei 6 1 BP (2) Raise the number of attacks by 100% for that turn only. The upper limit for Hit Count is 200%.
Shunshin 9 Raise evasion for a maximum of 6 turns. The upper limit for evasion is 150%.
Kairai 10 The target of the enemy's single-target attack will be the ally you select, but only for the turn in which the ability is used.
Kakuremi 12 Lower your chances of being targeted by enemies to the lowest level possible for five turns.

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