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A warrior who uses stealth to be all but invisible. The ninja may also Throw weapons at faraway enemies.


Ninja is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the fastest job, and can equip two weapons at once. Its HP is limited, so Ninjas easily die if not supported. It costs 3,760 JP to master in the original PlayStation version, and 3,960 JP in the The War of the Lions remaster.

Attaining Level 8 with Ninja along with separate level requirements from Knight, Dragoon, Geomancer, Black Mage, and Samurai, as well as having 20 kills with the unit (the defeated unit must crystallize or turn into a chest to count) will unlock the Dark Knight in the War of the Lions version.

The Ninja possesses the highest C-EV (character evasion value) and speed of any standard class.


Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
WotL(War of the Lions): Lv. 4 Archer, Lv. 5 Thief, Lv. 2 Geomancer
PlayStation: Lv. 3 Archer, Lv. 4 Thief, Lv. 2 Geomancer
Knives, Ninja Blades, Flails Hats Clothes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
4 4 10 30% High Average Low Low


Innate abilities[]


Ninja job command. Attack by throwing weapons from the party inventory.


The damage formula for Throw is as follows:

The range of Throw is equal to the user's Move range.

Weapons with random damage values, such as Axes and Flails, do not have their damage randomized when Thrown.

Name Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Shuriken Now 50
Attack by throwing shuriken from inventory.
Now 70
Attack by throwing bombs from inventory.
Knife Now 100
Attack by throwing knives from inventory.
Sword Now 100
Attack by throwing swords from inventory.
Now 100
Attack by throwing flails from inventory.
Katana Now 100
Attack by throwing katana from inventory.
Ninja Blade
(Ninja Sword)
Now 100
Attack by throwing ninja blades from inventory.
Axe Now 120
Attack by throwing axes from inventory.
Now 100
Attack by throwing polearms from inventory.
Now 100
Attack by throwing poles from inventory.
Knight's Sword Now 100
Attack by throwing knight's swords from inventory.
Now 100
Attack by throwing books from inventory.

Reaction abilities[]

Name Description Trigger JP Needed
(Sunken State)
Become transparent.
Effect: Invisible
Physical Attack 900/1000
Block attacks with greater ease.
Effect: Doubles physical and magical Evade rates
Always Activated 400

Support abilities[]

Name Description JP Needed
Dual Wield
(Two Swords)
Wield a weapon in each hand, attacking twice each turn, even if not a ninja. 900/1000

Movement abilities[]

Waterwalking allows Ninja to stand on the surface of water rather than decreasing height to go underwater and move on top of deep water without penalty. It does not protect against Poisonous Fens.

Name Description JP Needed
(Walk on Water)
Walk across and even stop on the surface of water. 420


The Ninja is a melee-oriented job focused on speed and mobility, capable of dealing damage from any range. It boasts the highest speed and has excellent attack power, as well the highest physical evasion in the game. It also has low HP, on par with mage jobs. The Ninja has innate Dual Wield, which—when learned as an ability—can further other damage-dealing classes, such as Knights and Monks.


Ninjas are self-sufficient units. Their Throw is potent, specially with easily disposable weapons, such as axes and flails, which naturally have high attack power. Given their natural high evasion, when equipped with cloaks, they can become virtually impossible to hit by physical and even magickal attacks. By equipping the Samurai's Shirahadori, this becomes even more powerful. To further capitalize on their strengths, Ninjas can be equipped with Thief's Move +2 (or Bard's Move +3, if male) and the Germinas Boots to give them unmatched mobility.

Given their versatility, they can use various job commands as their secondary. Chemist's Item combined with its Throw Item support ability supplements their ability to throw items from afar, allowing their to toss weapons to hurt their enemies while lobbing healing items at their allies. The Ninja's high physical attack also makes the Monk's Martial Arts or the Dragoon's Jump viable options as well. With their high speed Ninjas can be given the Thief's Steal as a secondary job command, since stealing is direct tied to the Speed attribute; they also make great Bards/Dancers as they'll activate their skills more often.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ninja appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental cards.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Knights of the Crystals[]

KotC Ninja.png

Ninja appears as a card in the Ivalice Special Arena has a limited-time special arena with eighteen floors.



A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations.