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The twins' homeworld of Nine Wood Hills serves as their base of operations. The Gate here connects them to points across Grymoire, and they can also stop by to rest up, shop for new items, or even try their hand at some minigames.

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Nine Wood Hills is a location in World of Final Fantasy. It is home to Reynn and Lann and to denizens from other dimensions.

Story[edit | edit source]

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It is revealed that the Nine Wood Hills inhabited by Lann and Reynn is an illusory dimension. The real Nine Wood Hills was decimated by their summoning of Brandelis.

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Locations[edit | edit source]

Plaza 99[edit | edit source]

Plaza 99 exterior.

This outdoor plaza connects to all of the points in Nine Wood Hills. The player can interact with Tama and Serafie in the western garden. By talking to Serafie, the player can manage their prismariums in the Prism Case, read rumors from her Rumor Radar, and even collect special items from on top of her head.

Later, a single door leading to The Girl's Tearoom can be found west of the North Promenade.

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At the end of the game, talking to Serafie lets the player fight the final bosses. At this point, the player will not be able to use the Prism Case or collect any of Serafie's items by talking to her until after the game is completed. The player can still access the Prism Case from the Save Crystal in Sylver Park, however.

In the Maxima version, a rainbow colored Gate appears east of the North Promenade, after the player defeats the superbosses Garland, The Immortal Dark Dragon and Enna Kros. Going through this gate allows the player to face an even stronger version of the final boss, which, when defeated, shows a new post-credits cutscene. The player is also rewarded with a Megalixir and two Mega Phoenixes, and a Conserve AP Mirajewel that can be found near the foot of the gate.

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North Promenade[edit | edit source]

WoFF North Promenade.png

Located in the northern building of Plaza 99, this indoor shopping plaza contains the Nine Bean Coffee shop and the Chocolatte Mart. After clearing Chapter 4, the player can access the The Coliseum by speaking to the Tonberry near Nine Bean Coffee.

Nine Bean Coffee[edit | edit source]

WoFF Nine Bean Coffee.png

Lann works as a barista at the shop in the beginning of the game.

In the Maxima version, after finishing the game, the player can re-enter Nine Bean Coffee and challenge Enna Kros in a superboss fight against her, alongside Tama and Serafie.

Chocolatte Mart[edit | edit source]

The Chocolatte Mart.

Chocolatte has a habit of picking up all sorts of strange items. Those items can be yours if you're ready to fork over enough of Grymoire's currency, which is known as gil. The Chocolatte Mart's selection is always improving, so when you visit Nine Wood Hills, don't miss the opportunity to stop by and see what's in stock.


The Chocolatte Mart in the North Promenade becomes available after dying for the first time in the Murkrift. It is hosted by the otherworld shopkeeper known as Chocolatte and features items that vary depending on the story's progression. Items can be sold to Chocolatte for a quarter of the price when bought.

The Twins' Room[edit | edit source]

The Twins' Room.

Console options

Located by going south of Plaza 99 and descending the stairwell. The room is large and contains various amenities from the twins. To the left of the room is a small, furnished kitchen. The right of the room features their windows, plants, clock, television and game consoles. They have a black sofa and a large white table in the center of the room. A moogle plush with sunglasses is positioned above the couch, as are their clothing. Their bed sits next to the couch, host to a plush of Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII. Above their bed are plush of a cactuar and a chocobo. The twins can recover their HP and AP when sleeping on it. Lann or Reynn may be interacted with in the room. After clearing the game, Hauyn appears near the kitchen and can also be interacted with. Upon examining the console, one may view the Mirage Manual, the Who's Who or play minigames accrued throughout the game.

Sylver Park[edit | edit source]

Sylver Park.

Located by going down the stairwell to the top left from the North Promenade. The area is small and contains lush scenery with a massive pond. The Save Crystal and the Main Gate are located in this area. If the player gets a Game Over in a non-threshold area or boss battle, they will be sent back here. The player will also be here if they load their file, if they saved after defeating the final boss.

The Girl's Tearoom[edit | edit source]

After clearing Chapter 5, a white door appears to the right of the North Promenade's entrance. There, the player will find the Girl Who Forgot Her Name and can take on Intervention quests and purchase Champion Medals, and in the Maxima version, Champion Jewels.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Name Location Image
Initial Regen Mirajewel
(Maxima version only)
Nine Bean Coffee
Conserve AP Mirajewel
(Maxima version only)
Plaza 99
  • Tama (automatically added in Prologue)
  • Sylph (automatically added during Chapter 1)
Key Items
Reward items

Tip Jar tips[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Nine Bean Coffee
Plaza 99 Murkrifts from Serafie
Lann: Do you always strut around with Mirages on your head?!
Seraphie: Wow, I was wondering what that creepy-crawly feeling was. Hehe, hehehehe!

Engaging murkrift

Musical Themes[edit | edit source]

"World of Nine Wood Hills" is the background theme that plays in the majority of Nine Wood Hills. "World of Grymoire" is the background theme that plays in Sylver Park. It is also the game's title theme.

"Prismelody: Vestiges of Time" is the background theme for the Girl's Tearoom. It is an arrangement of "The Remains of Time" from the game, Sigma Harmonics. Three versions of this track play, with instruments added as the story progresses: the first version has only the sound of a clock pendulum swinging, the second version adds violins and replaces the first version in Chapter 21; the completed track plays at the Postscript.

The Chocolatte Mart theme, "Prismelody: Chocobo / Wishes", features a medley arrangement of the Chocobo Theme mixed in with "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - Wishes -", alluding to Chocolatte's identity as Chocolina from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

World of Nine Wood Hills
Negattari kanattari fundari kettari
Tondari hanetari ittari kitari
Negattari kanattari fundari kettari
Haretari kumottari ittari kitari
Gegattari kanattari fundari kettari
Warattari naitari ittari kitari
願ったり 叶ったり 踏んだり 蹴ったり
飛んだり 跳ねたり 行ったり 来たり
願ったリ 叶ったり 踏んだり 蹴ったり
晴れたり 曇ったり 行ったり 来たり
願ったり 叶ったり 踏んだり 蹴ったり
笑ったり 泣いたり 行ったり 来たり
Wishing, granting, stepping on, kicking
Flying, bouncing, coming, going
Wishing, granting, stepping on, kicking
Sunny, cloudy, coming, going
Wishing, granting, stepping on, kicking
Laughing, crying, coming, going

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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