Nine in battle (HD).

Nine is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0. He wields a spear in battle, and has an accessible close-range aggressive and powerful battle style resembling that of a Dragoon. His style is similar to Queen's, but with more emphasis on strength. He can spin his weapon around to attack and is good with critical hits.

Nine's normal attacks consist of striking and piercing his enemies with his lance with an average speed four-hit combo. The last strike boasts high critical rate, and can knock away small enemies. His Clean Sweep allows him to swing his lance around to hit surrounding enemies. After the first spin, Nine may chain into another whirlwind spin while doing a somersault, before finishing with the last strike. His Mobile Attack allows him to slide forward while spinning his lance quickly, dealing many hits before finishing with the last strike.

Nine has high Attack and Defense. Though he may be weaker than Sice or Jack, he is more durable than Cinque. Nine possesses a Dragoon-like build. His HP pool, defense, and attack damage are high, making him an ideal tank during boss fights or a good partner for long-ranged characters, such as Ace, Deuce, Trey, and Cater, while they dish out damaging spells and attacks.

Nine's tank-like build is offset by his low MP pool and magic defense as well as speed. His attacks often have a delay, which means timing is crucial for him. As such, players should keep Nine safe when facing magic-based or quick enemies.


Level HP MP Strength Defense Flame Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Defense Magic
6 370 155 63 67 54 41 39 46
10 445 164 67 68 56 43 41 48
20 622 188 77 71 61 48 46 53
30 785 213 87 73 66 53 51 58
40 931 237 97 76 71 58 56 63
50 1062 261 107 78 76 63 61 68
60 1176 285 117 81 81 68 66 73
70 1276 310 127 83 86 73 71 78
80 1359 334 137 86 91 78 76 83
90 1427 358 147 88 96 83 81 88
99 1474 377 156 90 100 87 85 92
Ranking: 1st 14th 7th 1st 8th 13th 14th 13th



Laser Lance (HD).

Nine initially knows Jump, which allows him to leap in the air and land on the target dealing high damage within a small area. Tapping the input allows Nine to hit the target again with his last strike. Hitting the enemies with the last strike helps with accumulating AG. High Jump is strong and provides brief invulnerability, but is expensive, slow, hard to control, and has more startup.

Javelin Throw and Laser Lance make Nine throw his lance at his target and serves as his ranged attack. Nine will first try to track his target vertically and horizontally before tossing it, so its accuracy is slightly above average. It boasts a high critical rate, and may allow hitting multiple enemies as the lance can pierce through them. When the lance hits an enemy or wall or ground, it unleashes a blast than may damage other enemies around it. The ability has an infinite range as long as the target is locked-on. Javelin Throw has Nine automatically turn towards his target.

Nine's Roar ability can inflict Stop to his target. Although the ability is sound-based, it targets a single enemy. It has a rather low chance of inflicting Stop.

Whirling Lance is held down and Nine can move about freely, though the damage isn't spectacular.

Ability Effect Obtained AP
(Speed Up (Name in Japanese: スピードアップ))
Increase movement speed. Level 8 4
(Twin Magic (Name in Japanese: ツインマジック))
Equip two spells at once. Learn White Knight: AG Down. 14
Quick Draw II
(Cancel -ra Magic (Name in Japanese: ラ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level II finishing magic. Learn Sweeping Cast. 18
Quick Draw III
(Cancel -ga Magic (Name in Japanese: ガ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level III finishing magic. Level 46
Learn Quick Draw II.
Triple Slip
(Triple Evasion (Name in Japanese: 三連回避))
Execute up to three dodges in succession. Learn White Knight. 2
(Infinite Evasion (Name in Japanese: 無限回避))
Execute any number of dodges in succession. Learn Triple Slip. 3
(Evade Guard (Name in Japanese: 回避ガード))
Window for dodging increases. Learn Slipstream. 5
(Libra (Name in Japanese: ライブラ))
Check status of locked-on targets. Default Default
Quick Draw
(Cancel Magic Type-1 (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法壱型))
Cast finishing magic after certain normal attacks. Learn Twinspell. 12
Clean Sweep
(Wide Range Attack (Name in Japanese: 範囲攻撃))
Deliver a wide-area attack with left analog stick down + normal attack. Default Default
Clean Sweep II
(Wide Range Attack Lv.2 (Name in Japanese: 範囲攻撃Lv.2))
Increase number of hits for Clean Sweep. Learn Whirling Lance: AG Down. 4
Sweeping Cast
(Cancel Magic Type-2 (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法弐型))
Cast finishing magic after certain wide-area attacks. Learn Clean Sweep II. 22
Clean Sweep III
(Wide Range Attack Lv.3 (Name in Japanese: 範囲攻撃Lv.3))
Increase number of hits for Clean Sweep. Learn Clean Sweep II. 5
Mobile Strike
(Movement Attack (Name in Japanese: 移動攻撃))
Attack while moving with left analog stick up + normal attack. Learn Clean Sweep III. 6
Mobile Strike II
(Movement Attack Lv.2 (Name in Japanese: 移動攻撃Lv.2))
Increase number of hits for Mobile Strike. Learn Mobile Strike. 6
Jump Leap towards enemies and strike. Default Default
Jump: Power Up
(Jump Power Increase (Name in Japanese: ジャンプ威力増大))
Increase power of Jump. Default 4
Jump: Crit Up
(Jump Enhancement (Name in Japanese: ジャンプ強化))
Increase critical hit rate of Jump. Default 4
Jump: AG Down
(Jump Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: ジャンプ消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Jump. Default 5
White Knight
(Safety Guard (Name in Japanese: セーフティガード))
Generate a safety zone that restores HP and prevents damage. Learn Accelerate. 4
White Knight: AG Down
(SG Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: SG消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of White Knight. Learn White Knight. 5
Whirling Lance
(Spiral Lance (Name in Japanese: スパイラルランス))
Twirl spear to attack enemies. Level 13 4
Whirling Lance: AG Down
(SL Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: SL消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Whirling Lance. Learn Whirling Lance. 6
High Jump Leap high into the air and deliver a powerful strike from above. Learn Mobile Strike. 8
High Jump: Power Up
(HJ Power Increase (Name in Japanese: HJ威力増大))
Increase power of High Jump. Learn High Jump. 8
High Jump: Power Up II
(HJ Power Increase+ (Name in Japanese: HJ威力増大改))
Further increase power of High Jump. Learn High Jump: Power Up. 10
Javelin Throw
(Throw Lancer (Name in Japanese: スローランサー))
Launch spear to pierce and damage enemies. Learn Clean Sweep III. 4
Javelin Throw: Crit Up
(Throw Lancer Enhancement (Name in Japanese: スローランサー強化))
Increase critical hit rate of Javelin Throw. Learn Javelin Throw. 6
Laser Lance
(Strike Lancer (Name in Japanese: ストライクランサー))
Launch spear in a straight line to severely damage enemies. Learn Mobile Strike II. 5
Laser Lance: Power Up
(SL Power Increase (Name in Japanese: SL威力増大))
Increase power of Laser Lance. Learn Laser Lance. 7
Primal Roar
(Roar (Name in Japanese: 咆哮))
Unleash a guttural roar to inflict enemies with Stop. Learn Whirling Lance: AG Down. 3
Primal Roar: Time Up
(Roar Time Extension (Name in Japanese: 咆哮時間延長))
Primal Roar remains active for a longer time. Learn Primal Roar. 4
Primal Roar: AG Down
(Roar Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: 咆哮消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Primal Roar. Learn Primal Roar. 6


Nine's exclusive accessory is the Meteor Buckle that boosts his HP by 60% and grants Auto Endure status.

Support PersonnelEdit

Some Support Personnel in the HD version appear as Nine: Motoo Fujiwara (Vocalist and Guitarist for Bump of Chicken), Akio Ohfuji (Senior Publicity Producer), Yasuhiro Sato (Lead Level Designer), Kumiko Kaji (Character Modeler) and Hajime Tabata (Director).


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