I'm going to worry about you, so promise me you'll be careful!

Nina, to Luneth

Nina is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy III. She is Luneth and Arc's (all four Light Warriors in the NES version) adoptive mother. Nina raised the two boys along with the elder Topapa in the village of Ur. Not much is known of her other than the fact that she raised the two orphans as if they were her own children. She also appears in the credits at the end of the game.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Nina is a feminine Russian name derived from original Georgian form Nino. Being a Christian name, it dates back to Saint Nino. It also has other origins. In Europe it is a short form of names such as Marina and Katharina. In Hebrew it means God was gracious. It means "beautiful eyes" in Hindi; "mother" in Swahili; "strong" or "mighty" in Native American culture; "flower" in Old Greek, and "fire" in Quechua.

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