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Nikeah is a town in Final Fantasy VI. It is a port city located at the north end of the Serpent Trench and the mouth of the Lethe River. It has a large marketplace, and its shops are street vendors standing among the crates of goods in the port. Ships sail regularly between Nikeah and South Figaro, and later in the game, the player can choose to board ferries from Nikeah to South Figaro and back as they wish.


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Sabin, Cyan, and Gau ride the ferry to South Figaro.

Sabin, Cyan, and Gau surface in Nikeah's ports after swimming through the Serpent Trench from Mobliz. The three board a ship bound to South Figaro to get to Narshe. If the party enters Nikeah's pub, a dancer will flirt with Cyan, making him uncomfortable.

Celes questioning "Gerad".

In the World of Ruin, Nikeah has not changed much: it still has a thriving marketplace, and runs ferries to South Figaro. Celes and Sabin come here searching for their friends and meet Gerad, a man who resembles Edgar who leads the Crimson Robbers. Gerad and the robbers depart on a ferry to South Figaro with the two in pursuit.

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Nikeah's ferry port.

As a port town, much of Nikeah's township is focused on the docks. The only interior businesses in town are the inn, pub, and chocobo stable, and all merchantile business is conducted among the rows of trade goods. This makes Nikeah the smallest town in the game in terms of interior locations. The merchants patrol in set locations with signs on the ground to advertise their services. The main port of the town lies south of the inn and marketplace.

On the world map in the World of Balance, Nikeah is situated on a penninsula in the far north, with the Lethe River running north-west. The town is geographically close to Narshe, but cut off by mountains and rivers. The town has a land route to Doma Castle east along the base of the mountains. During Sabin's scenario in the game, a landslide has blocked off this route, and on the world map, an outcropping of mountain blocks the path. Once Sabin's scenario is completed, the landslide is cleared out and the land route is accessible.

In the World of Ruin, Nikeah still rests at the end of the Serpent Trench, but the sea has receded and the land been raised, making the trench the only means of reaching Nikeah on foot. The trench also lives up to its name now, as the land around Nikeah is shaped like a pair of jaws. Nikeah still runs ferries to South Figaro, and the two towns are now much closer on the world map.






World of Balance
Item Price
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Echo Herbs 120 gil
Green Cherry 150 gil
Sleeping Bag 500 gil
Tent 1,200 gil
Smoke Bomb 300 gil
World of Ruin
Item Price
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Gold Needle 200 gil
Holy Water 300 gil
Remedy 200 gil
Sleeping Bag 500 gil
Tent 1,200 gil


World of Balance
Weapon Price
Mythril Spear 800 gil
Kotetsu 800 gil
Mythril Knuckle 800 gil
World of Ruin
Weapon Price
Flametongue 7,000 gil
Icebrand 7,000 gil
Thunderblade 7,000 gil
Rune Blade 7,500 gil
Enhancer 10,000 gil


World of Balance
Armor Price
Heavy Shield 400 gil
Plumed Hat 250 gil
Magus Hat 600 gil
Bandana 800 gil
Iron Helmet 1,000 gil
Kenpo Gi 250 gil
Silk Robe 600 gil
Iron Armor 700 gil
World of Ruin
Item Price
Diamond Shield 3,500 gil
Priest's Miter 3,000 gil
Green Beret 3,000 gil
Diamond Helm 8,000 gil
Power Sash 5,000 gil
Gaia Gear 6,000 gil
Diamond Vest 12,000 gil


World of Balance
Item Price
Silver Spectacles 500 gil
Star Pendant 500 gil
Fairy Ring 1,500 gil
White Cape 5,000 gil
World of Ruin
Item Price
Princess Ring 3,000 gil
Prayer Beads 4,000 gil
Amulet 5,000 gil
White Cape 5,000 gil
Zephyr Cape 7,000 gil
Angel Ring 8,000 gil
Gale Hairpin 8,000 gil
Hyper Wrist 8,000 gil


The one item to find in Nikeah is an Elixir in the clock in the inn.


Gerad and the Crismon Robbers[]

Celes speaking with a member of the Crimson Robbers in Nikeah's pub.

When the player arrives at Nikeah in the World of Ruin, they learn a band of thieves called the Crimson Robbers are in the pub, and escaped from Figaro Castle. Speaking to all of them causes them to leave the pub for the dock, and also causes their leader to appear in town - a man bearing a suspicious resemblance to Edgar that calls himself "Gerad". Speaking to him causes him to walk through the market, and he will eventually stop at the entrance to the docks when Celes accuses him of being Edgar. Gerad rebuffs her and departs with his men on the ship, while Celes and Sabin sneak on board to follow.


A man at South Figaro mentioning the shadow in the sea near Nikeah.

In the Advance and the 2014 mobile/Steam releases, as soon as the party arrives at Nikeah in the World of Ruin, a former Returner will mention that prior to their infiltration to the Magitek Research Facility, four espers had escaped, and that they could help the party in their journey. This is to inform the player of the four new espers introduced in the GBA version: Leviathan, Diabolos, Gigantuar, and Gilgamesh.

Once the party has raised the Falcon, speaking to a man in South Figaro near the chocobo stable will have him mention seeing a shadow while fishing, triggering the side quest to cause Leviathan to attack the party when boarding any ferry between Nikeah and South Figaro. Defeating him earns the party the Leviathan magicite.


Nikeah Map.png

Musical themes[]

"Kids Run Through the City" from Final Fantasy VI

"Kids Run Through the City" is Nikeah's background theme in the World of Balance.

"Under Martial Law" is Nikeah's background theme in the World of Ruin.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Nikeah (Harbor) FFVI Special.png
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Behind the scenes[]

According to Final Fantasy VI Settei Shiryō-hen, Nikeah was a city state known as the Free City of Nikeahm 700 years prior to the start of Final Fantasy VI.(自由都市ニケアーム, Jiyū Toshi Nikāmu?)[1]. However, the canonicity of the book is dubious.

There is a dummied line where, if Sabin was in the party when speaking to "Gerad" at the entrance to the docks, he would speak up. In the SNES and PSX versions, he says "What's going on, here? Brother!!" and in the GBA and subsequent versions, his line is "Is this some kind of joke, Edgar?" As the game has numerous other instances of optional additional dialogues that trigger depending on the current party, it is unknown why Sabin's line was not implemented.



Nikeah is probably based on Nicaea. It was the original Greek settlement name for what are now the modern cities of İznik, Turkey and Nice, France.

In early development the location was referred to as Nikeahm (ニケアーム, Nikeāmu?)[2]. This was changed to its current name (ニケア, Nikea?) at some point in development. The old name is used in the game's lore established in supplementary guides as the historical name for the location.[1]