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Beautiful swordmasters who command the forbidden dark arts of the warmage.


Nightshade is a unique job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, exclusive to Illua, and unavailable for player use. It excels in dealing heavy damage to both single units and groups.



The malice festering in the hearts of the NIGHTSHADES led them to these dark arts.

Skill Effect Range
Time Blade Temporarily sever the target from time's flow. Damages the target and delays its next turn. 1
Saber Waken the user's latent powers. Raises Attack power and Accuracy of user. Self
Dimensional Rift Tears holes in the fabric of time. Reduces the HP of units in a large area by 75%. 6
Abyssal Slash Summon a vision of the great abyss above the battlefield, maddening all who gaze into its depths. Damages and STOPS targets. 2 sq. line in front of user
Annul A brilliant light dances from the user's fingertips to the target. Completely depletes the target's MP. 4
Rebirth Infuse the user's body with Mist. Fully restores the user's HP and removes all debuffs. Self
Sheol Shift the sands of time in the user's favor. Slow and Immobilize for all foes, Haste and Regen for all allies. All units


Skill Effect
Reflex Avoid all basic attacks.
Blink Counter Counter attack and knock back the attacker after being the target of an offensive action.
Bonecrusher Counter attack after taking physical damage. Always deals greater damage than that taken.


Skill Effect
Impervious Immune to debuffs.



Nightshade is a type of flower, although its relation to the job might be coincidental. Nightshade, refers to the family of flowering plants, famous for some of the species' deadly poison. The most famous specimen is probably the Deadly Nightshade, or Belladonna. The leaves, seeds, and roots are deadly poison, but the extract was historically used as a cosmetic.