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Nightmare Dungeons (深淵の間, Shin'en no Ma?, lit. Chamber of the Abyss) are a series of dungeons in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The Nightmare Dungeons are a series of twelve groups of four bosses that must be defeated to challenge a Nightmare boss, which when defeated drop a Record crystal that allows the crafting of a powerful 6★ ability.

The Nightmare Dungeons were released one at a time, starting in Japan on September 25, 2015, and globally March 26, 2016.

With the addition of Magicite Dungeons, the player must complete all Nightmare Dungeons to access the Magicite Dungeons.


As Dr. Mog continued his research into the vanishing records, he stumbled upon a tome that spoke of vast ruins deep underground, known as the Nightmare.

The Nightmare contains twelve powerful records, but like the records in the paintings in the Royal Archives, these too have begun to fade.

According to Dr. Mog, if all twelve Nightmare Records can be restored, it will be a vital step toward uncovering the truth behind the event that led to the record crisis.

In-game file


Dr. Mog's findings.

The Nightmare Dungeons are presented as a ring of twelve crystals representing the special 6★ ability they seal. Upon selecting a crystal the player sees four portraits of the bosses of the dungeon, with a fifth portrait in shadows behind them. Defeating the four bosses will cause the fifth portrait to come forward and light up, revealing the Nightmare boss to be challenged. The initial four bosses grant Record Synergy for their home realms, while the Nightmare Boss grants it to characters able to use 5★ abilities of the same type as ability it guards. For instance, Reraise is a 6★ White Magic ability, so when challenging the Nightmare boss guarding the Reraise crystal, any character able to use 5★ White Magic will receive Synergy.

Defeating a Nightmare boss rewards a Record crystal needed to craft a 6★ ability. These crystals are unique items, so only one each of these abilities can be crafted; shattering them will return to the crystal, so it can be recreated later. Additionally, characters able to use 5★ abilities of the same type of ability that was won, will be upgraded to be able to equip up to 6★ abilities.

Completion of all cycles will grant access to Magicite dungeons.

Musical themes[]

The theme for the Nightmare hall is "The Stone's Secret". The theme for each Record Room is "Infiltration". The theme for each Nightmare boss is "The Barbarians". All these unique themes are originally from Final Fantasy XII.

List of Nightmare Dungeons[]

Record Bosses Nightmare Boss
FFRK Ultima Record Nightmare Dungeon.png
Phantom Train (VI) Ultima Buster
Liquid Flame (V)
Spherimorph (X)
Dreadnought (XIII)
FFRK Crushdown Record Nightmare Dungeon.png
Behemoth (II) Demon Wall
Hill Gigas (IX)
Iguion (VIII)
Motor Ball (VII)
FFRK Reraise Record Nightmare Dungeon.png
Scarmiglione (IV) Evrae Altana
Dullahan (VI)
Gi Nattak (VII)
Tiamat (XII)
Neo Bahamut
FFRK Neo Bahamut Record Nightmare.png
Odin (III) Neo Bahamut
Brothers (VIII)
Magus Sisters (X)
Ark (IX)
Quadruple Foul
FFRK Quadruple Foul Record Nightmare.png
Gyges the Great (XIV) CPU
Humbaba (VI)
Tiamat (I)
Barthandelus (XIII)
Northern Cross
FFRK Northern Cross Record Nightmare.png
Gargoyle (V) Tonberries
Cerberus (VIII)
The Four (VII)
Mandragoras (XII)
FFRK Meltdown Record Nightmare.png
Garland (IX) Kaiser Dragon
Hein (III)
Hill Gigas (II)
Havoc Skytank (XIII)
FFRK Curada Record Nightmare.png
Imperial Shadow (II) Guardian
Earth Guardian (IX)
Defender Z (X)
Lich (I)
Affliction Break
FFRK Affliction Break Record Nightmare.png
Leviathan (III) Necrophobe
Rubicante (IV)
Jenova DEATH (VII)
Vinuskar (XII)
FFRK Dervish Record Nightmare.png
Marilith (I) Atomos
Garuda (III)
Ahriman (XII)
Brynhildr (XIII)
FFRK Valigarmanda Record Nightmare.png
Valefor (X) Valigarmanda
Alexander (XIII)
Mateus (XII)
Belias the Gigas (FFT)
Omega Drive
FFRK Omega Drive Record Nightmare.png
Iron Giant (VIII) Omega Weapon
Porphyrion (XI)
Atlas (XIII)
Braska's Final Aeon (X)



Nightmare, as a gaming term, can refer to an exceptionally difficult area or any modification to the game engine that results in a sharp difficulty spike. Nightmare levels are generally played by experienced players seeking a challenge.