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Causes Sleep to all targets.


Night is a Blu Mag spell for Quina in Final Fantasy IX that puts all units in a battle to sleep at a cost of 14 MP.

Night cannot be reflected but works with Return Magic. The enemies to use it are Nymph and Ralvurahva.


Quina learns Night by eating a Nymph, Abomination, Seeker Bat, or Grimlock. The earliest it can be learned is from the Nymph on the grassy world map areas near Cleyra, accessed the earliest after the events in Gizamaluke's Grotto.


Night puts every unit in battle to sleep, enemy and ally alike, unless they are immune. It has a very good chance to hit.

The chance of the Night spell working is calculated as follows:

This means that Quina will never miss with the spell. However, the enemy still has a chance to evade:

A random number 0...99 < Target's Magic Evade, the enemy evades


Gaia's blue moon during Night.

Night should only be used if the party has Insomniac equipped. With this support ability, the party becomes immune, and Night can be a powerful tool against the right enemy, such as the enemies in the final dungeons and Yans (sleeping Yans also don't counterattack), the Guardians of Terra, and Deathguise (disabling its Meteor). It is also useful against the Antlion, Armodullahan, Valia Pira, Red Dragons, Taharka, as well as Silver and Nova Dragon. Night will not work on the Abadon during the "Not Alone" sequence in Pandemonium.

Night never fails to put its non-immune targets to sleep, unlike Vivi's Sleep spell. However, the player can get a similar result from using a Sleep-inducing thief sword (Ultima Weapon) with Zidane's Soul Blade, which is nigh guaranteed to put a non-immune target to sleep. Other alternative means for inducing Sleep are Steiner's Ultima Sword and Quina's Bistro Fork with Add Status (20%).

Physical attacks against sleeping targets deal more damage, and magical attacks do not wake them. Quina can keep using Night on their turn to keep the enemies out of action.