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First-brood Nidhogg
I am vengeance incarnate! I am Nidhogg! Thou shall die by my hand!
—Estinien, Nidhogg's Shade

Nidhogg (ニーズヘッグ, Nīzuheggu?) is a great wyrm in Final Fantasy XIV, one of the First Brood of Midgardsormr.

Nidhogg is one of the seven wyrms born of Midgardsormr, said to have long terrorized Coerthas since Ishgard's founding, using the Dragonsong to rally the Dravanian Horde to war the past thousand years.


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Nidhogg is a black dragon with leathery wings and jagged scales. He has four narrow horns facing outward, and combined with the shape of his maw give a fierce appearance.

He is initially seen with a single yellow eye in the right socket. It was later revealed the eye was borrowed from Hraesvelgr after his were taken by King Thordan I's knights. His true eyes are red with a dark aura emanating from them.


Nidhogg's is so consumed with rage over the betrayal of King Thordan (and, it is heavily implied, his further and older anger at what happened to his other siblings at the hands of the Allagans), he has sought to utterly break the Holy See of Ishgard through a millennium long war. This rage transcends both through his eyes—leaving the Azure Dragoon vulnerable to the great wyrm's emotions—and in his Dragonsong, which drives his brood to not only attack the Holy See, but even causes them to attack Hraesvelgr's brood for not being utterly devoted to Nidhogg's crusade.

Nidhogg refuses to accept or even comprehend the possibility of peace between Ishgard and Dragon-kind. Thus, he sees any attempt foolish and any dragon desiring of peace a traitor to dragon-kind and is more than willing to murder members of his own kind in pursuit of his vengeance. Even his father, Midgardsomr laments on how far Nidhogg has fallen as a result of his wrath.

Nidhogg has also displayed heavy traits of arrogance, as he believed his vengeance was eternal and looked upon every challenger with contempt, refusing to believe in the possibility of defeat. This likely resulted in his original defeat that cost him his eyes.

However, upon his final defeat at the hands of the Warrior of Light, his spirit that ascended into the sky, appeared calm and serene, likely feeling free from his anger and hate for the first time.


Being a Great Wyrm, Nidhogg can rally the entire Dravanian Horde using Dragonsong to engage military campaigns—usually against his arch-enemy, the Holy See of Ishgard. This Dragonsong could even awaken his father's spirit within the The Keeper of the Lake, who had remained dormant since the Battle of Silvertear Skies.

His abilities are far beyond that of ordinary dragons, and Ser Alberic Bale implies he has some measure of psychic influence on mortals. Even then, removal of "the Eye" from Haldrath a millennium ago greatly weakened him; it is said that if Nidhogg were to regain it, no magical wards would be able to save Ishgard from his fury.

It was even believed that only Hraesvelgr was Nidhogg's only equal.

His eyes provide a wellspring of aetheric energy. One was enough to both annihilate an Ascian trapped in White Auracite, while the other can power a primal's existence.


Twelve hundred years ago, the Ishgardians and the Dragons forged an alliance based upon the example of Hraesvelgr and Saint Shiva. Only Nidhogg believed there could ultimately be no peace between their kinds, as he believed mortals could not be trusted after what happened to Bahamut and Tiamat.

His concerns appeared unfounded for two hundred years, until the Ascians revealed to King Thordan I the source of the dragons' powers lay within their eyes. This led to Thordan killing Nidhogg's sister Ratatoskr in an act of treachery, as he and his knight ate her eyes to obtain their power. A furious Nidhogg slew Thordan, but was defeated by his son Haldrath, who plucked the dragon's eyes from his head. While this would have normally killed the dragon, Nidhogg mustered the strength to reach the palace of Zenith and tell Hraesvelgr of what had transpired.

Nidhogg, plying Hraesvelgr with feelings of guilt for giving the mortals—if indirectly—the opportunity to slay Ratatoskr, coerced Hraesvelgr into relinquishing his one of his eyes to him. Intending to slaughter those of the Ishgardian bloodlines who remain loyal to their faith, Nidhogg continued to wage his war of vengeance against Ishgard for the next 1000 years, entering periods of deep sleep for portions of the conflict as his kind normally does.

The Holy See fabricated a version of the events to make Nidhogg appear to have attack Ishgard unprovoked, claiming Thordan and his twelve knights faced the dragon in a battle that lasted a week that claimed the lives of both the king and six of his men. The story was designed to conceal the Holy See possessing both of Nidhogg's eyes: The right eye buried with Haldrath, while the left was used by the Azure Dragoon, the current being Estinien. No one knew the true extent of Nidhogg's revenge, as the Ishgardians inherited Ratatoskr's power and would mutate into dragon-like creatures when exposed to dragon's blood like the heretics. Thus, Nidhogg's revenge is assured with Isgardians who die and those who willing ally with him.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornEdit

Nidhogg awakens and rallies the Dravanian Horde to renew his war on Ishgard with the support of Ysayle in her heretics disabling the outermost ward of Daniffen's Collar. The initial assault fails when Nidhogg's champion Vishap is slain by the adventurer at the Steps of Faith as it tried to dismantle the rest of the wards.

Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

Wicked mortals! I shall melt your flesh, and turn your bones to ash!
FFXIV Estinien with Nidhogg's eye

Estinien using Nidhogg's own eye against the great wyrm.

Nidhogg's full story is revealed to the adventurer and Alphinaud Leveilleur as they, Estinien, and Ysayle journey to Dravania to parlay with Horde. Hraesvelgr explains that Nidhogg will never accept the terms of peace, while revealing how far his brother would go to destroy Ishgard's people.

When Nidhogg senses the death of his consort Tioman, he recalls his forces to the Aery as he expects an assault on his domain. Nidhogg gives the adventurer and Estinien a not-so warm welcome to his abode, pursuing the latter to reclaim his eye. During the battle, Estinien removes Hraesvelgr's eye from Nidhogg with the dragon's body exploding into mist. By that time, the adventurer received visions of what truly happened the day Nidhogg lost his eyes.

FFXIV Nidhogg Reborn

Nidhogg reborn.

At the bottom of the Aetherochemical Research Facility, the adventurer uses the left eye of Nidhogg to eradicate Igeyorhm after trapping her in White Auracite. Archbishop Thordan VII retrieves the right eye from Haldrath's coffin, and uses it to transform into King Thordan of the Knights of the Round. After King Thordan has fallen, Estinien congratulates the adventurer for stopping the archbishop while retrieving Nidhogg's other eye. Before Estinien can hide the eyes away, Nidhogg's spirit consumes the Azure Dragoon's mind while using his body to regain a physical form. The reconstituted Nidhogg flies away to the dismay of Midgardsormr, as he fears his offspring will eventually renew his war on man, and he wonders what, precisely, his child's endless quest for vengeance has turned Nidhogg into.

The Gears of Change and Revenge of the HordeEdit

XIV Vidofnir Impaled

Nidhogg crashes the peace conference

Child of Dravania! Art thou grown so forgetful that thou wouldst forsake kith and kin, and consort with the spawn of Thordan? That thou wouldst dare contemplate peace! Hearken unto me, all of you! The final chorus is nigh, and all will be held to account! All will bathe in the flames of retribution!
—Estinien, Nidhogg's Shade

During the peace summit between Ishgard and Dragon at Falcon's Nest, held by Aymeric, having full control over Estinien's body with his eyes fused on the dragoon's mail, Nidhogg interrupts the proceedings and impales the dragons' representative Vidofnir while denouncing her as a traitor to their kind. Nidhogg denounces any form of peace as long as he lives, while declaring that he and his brood will soon have a final reckoning with the Ishgardians. Nidhogg assumes his true form and flies off. As he only wounded Vidofnir rather than killed her, Nidhogg's warning of the Dragonsong War's final battle is hinted to be directed towards both the Ishgardians and Hraesvelgr's brood should they still consider to ally themselves with the Elezen.

FFXIV Nidhogg defeated Hraesvelgr

Nidhogg defeated Hraesvelgr.

As Aymeric, Alphinaud, and the Warrior convince Hraesvelgr to fight with them, Nidhogg makes his move by attacking the Steps of Faith and defeats his brood-brother in battle. But Nidhogg was caught off guard to find that Hraesvelgr transferred one of his eyes into the Warrior, losing against the Warrior in battle. Though Estinen pleas them to kill him to slay the wyrm, the Warrior and Alphinaud manage to rip the eyes off of the dragoon with help from the ghosts of Ysayle and Haurchefant Greystone. Rendered incorporeal, Nidhogg's spirit fades away while his eyes are cast off into the abyss below the Steps of Faith.

Soul Surrender, The Far Edge of Fate, and StormbloodEdit

It is revealed that Nidhogg's eyes have been recovered by the Warriors of Darkness who have given them to the Ascian Elidibus. Elidibus then presents the eyes to the Ala Mhigan extremist Griffin, who used them to fuel the summoning of Shinryu. The Eyes formed Shinryu's core as they were eventually depleted of their power once the primal was finally destroyed during the liberation of Ala Mhigo. Estinien, appearing to have trace elements of Nidhogg's power, quickly destroys the powerless eyes and finally puts an end to Nidhogg's legacy of terror.


Nidhogg is voiced by Simon Greenall in all versions.


Nidhogg appears as a boss. In the first fight at the Aery, Estinien uses the eye to hold back the great wyrm's power, and must be protected from Nidhogg's minions. Nidhogg later appears the final boss in the Final Steps of Faith and as a superboss in The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage in the Revenge of the Horde expansion.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Triple TriadEdit

607a Nidhogg

Nidhogg appears as a card in Triple Triad in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.


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The Níðhöggr (meaning "malice striker" in Old Norse, commonly anglicized as "Nidhogg") is a dragon in Norse mythology who would eat the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

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