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The Niblet Ω is a Last One enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It appears when there is only one Niblet left, after felling 120 regular Niblets. Vanquishing the Niblet Ω is needed to complete the Free Will quest in Yusnaan.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Niblet Ω uses the same battle style of normal Niblets. Although easy to kill, its Glutton attack can deal heavy damage and heal itself with 1,000–3,000 HP. It's weak to Fire. Its Glutton attack has high knockdown power.

Strategy Edit

The player can inflict Niblet Ω with Deshell to increase the damage output from magic attacks, and use fire-based abilities.

To reduce the damage from its Glutton attack, it's useful to learn to perfectly block it.

Etymology Edit

A niblet is a small piece of something, especially of snack food.

Related enemies Edit

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