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The Nibel Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII. It is located in the middle-east of the western continent. The river to its south separates it from the Cosmo Area. Mountains, among them Mt. Nibel, border the Gold Saucer Area to the east, the North Corel Area to the northeast, and the Rocket Launch Pad Area to the northwest.

The Nibel Area is in two segments separated by Mt. Nibel. The west exit leads to a small area of land that contains a partial land border to the Rocket Launch Pad Area, with the two regions divide between two beaches roughly in line with the mountain. The east exit of Mt. Nibel is located behind Nibelheim.

Mt. Nibel contains the Nibel Reactor.

A lake surrounded by mountain is found in the southeast edge of the area, which it shares with the Gold Saucer Area. Behind a waterfall by the lake hides Lucrecia's Cave.

When Ultimate Weapon starts roaming the world, above Mt. Nibel is one place where it can stop. The actual encounter appears to take place on the ground by the Corel Reactor.

The Mystery Ninja has roughly a quarter chance of being encountered in forests if Yuffie is not yet recruited.

The Nibel Area is first passed through in the story on the hunt for Sephiroth. At this point the last hint the player has is that Sephiroth went east from the Gold Saucer toward Gongaga. After traveling past Gongaga and Cosmo Canyon, the player eventually ends up at Nibelheim. In the Shinra Mansion the player can encounter Sephiroth who will tell Cloud he is heading north past Mt. Nibel.

Areas of the Nibel Area are first visited in the flashback of Cloud's past in Kalm. A Nibelheim and Mt. Nibel of five years before the story are visited by a group of Shinra employees including Sephiroth and Cloud. In the flashback Nibelheim and Mt. Nibel can be traveled between, although the player is transported directly from one to the other and does not have to traverse the World Map as they do during the game's present day events. There is a scene with a the Shinra party traveling through the Nibel Area which has Sephiroth and Cloud encounter a Dragon.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Zack travels through the Nibel Plains on foot.

In "Episdoe: Nanaki" from On the Way to a Smile, Nanaki enters a forest in the area where Nibi bears (ニビ熊, Nibi kuma?) live, and nearby is a village settlement where hunters who hunt the bears reside.


Defeating enemies Edit

Nibel Area

The Bahba Velamyu is the only enemy in the forest area that can inflict negative status effectes, Silence and Slow which both cannot be avoided through the use of accessories except the Ribbon which is not available at this stage of the game. The Crown Lance is the only enemy fought on the beaches in the Nibel Area. They can inflict the Sleep and Petrify statuses but these cannot be avoided through the use of accessories in this stage of the game.

The Dazers item can be stolen from Battery Caps in their first slot with an average steal rate. The item inflicts Paralyze and can serve multiple purposes in the game including stopping enemies with high evasion, and stopping certain enemies from using their strong attacks.

The Nibel Wolf enemy fought on the grass areas can use the Howling ability to revive all fallen Nibel Wolf enemies defeated in the battle. Each one can use the ability three times. Allowing the Howling ability to be used allows for more EXP and Gil to be won from the battle.

The Valron enemy can be fought in grass areas, and can be manipulated to use the Dive Kick command which is a Gravity-elemental ability. This means it can't kill the player, and can be exploited to help increase the player's Limit gauge to help learn additional Limit Breaks.

Ultimate Weapon Edit

After defeating Diamond Weapon, and then after defeating Ultimate Weapon above the waterfall next to Junon, one of the places Ultimate Weapon stops above and can be fought at is above Mt. Nibel.



-Enemies per encounter = 4.41 (n# of observations = 100 battles)

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