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I'm busy so make it fast, ok? I've got lots to excavate and no one to do it.


Nhadala is the leader of the Al Bhed excavation camp in the Sanubia Desert in Final Fantasy X-2.



Nhadala is a light-skinned Al Bhed with short blonde hair. Like most other Al Bhed, she wears goggles to cover her eyes. She wears a red shirt and brown shorts. Her sleeves are yellow and long enough to cover her entire arms. She wears long brown boots. Nhadala shares the same character model as Linna, a blitzball player from Final Fantasy X.


Nhadala is a no-nonsense businesswoman, always focusing on work and is already busy working when the Gullwings meet her. She has a knack for psyching people up and make them do their best, a useful trait in her line of work.


After the Gullwings are permitted to go excavating in the desert, they are met by Nhadala, who is a straight-to-the-chase, no-nonsense business woman, barely explaining to the confused Gullwings the techniques of digging in the desert. After the Gullwings finish digging, Nhadala is happy that they got a needed item. She tells Rikku not to let it get into their heads, but she is nonetheless proud of them and gives them their reward. When the Gullwings prepare to leave, Nhadala tells them that they can come back anytime and they'll be in Bikanel.

When the Gullwings arrive in Bikanel, Nhadala tells them to go check the Oasis since random items have been washing up there lately. Later on, the CommSphere at the Mt. Gagazet hot spring shows Nhadala, Cid, and Rin there. In Chapter 5, Nhadala introduces Benzo to the party and they head to the Cactuar Nation. After the Gullwings find the ten gatekeepers, the fiend Angra Mainyu attacks the campsite instead and after the Gullwings defeat it, the Al Bhed have made food for them to celebrate.



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