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Newcomers' Dungeons are a limited Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. They were added to the game August 8, 2017, and have remained as an ongoing event ever since.


This event fell within a much larger player introduction campaign.

The Keepers' Choice Relic Draws from 2016 having been retired, the game now offers a "starter pack" of dungeons across select stories. Each dungeon set consists of five Classic Dungeons, five Elite Dungeons, and two growth dungeons, one per track. This is similar to a regular Challenge Event, but without any extended battles. Still, Hero Records and their corresponding Memory Crystals from each story are available to acquire, as well as Growth Eggs, Mythril, and tickets to the Hall of Rites. Each dungeon also comes with an Experience Dungeon; as this was prior to the advent of the Power-Up Dungeons, these were the only Experience Dungeons available throughout the week at the time. They are also the only dungeons available with full Record Synergy at all times.

Featured Realms[]

As newer players may be more likely to have seen these titles, the following Realm settings were offered in the campaign:


Final Fantasy VII[]

Final Fantasy X[]

Final Fantasy XIII[]