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The world is changing, and there many who are finding it difficult to keep up. New Yevon wishes to help those who feel lost in the winds of change.

Baralai, Praetor of New Yevon

New Yevon is a political organization in Final Fantasy X-2. Trema, a former Yevon monk, formed the party from the shattered remains of the Yevon religion half a year after Sin's defeat. When Spirans began their new lives without fear after the start of the Eternal Calm, many felt the world was moving along too fast and so Trema founded New Yevon with the intent of keeping the moral teachings of the old faith, but would gradually introduce new ways of thinking. The group is based out of the city of Bevelle, and their motto is "One thing at a time."


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In the year between Sin's defeat and New Yevon's formation, Trema headed a group of sphere hunters known as The Seekers, who ushered in the sphere hunting craze that swept Spira by the time New Yevon was officially formed. Sphere hunting became a popular craze for searching Spira for lost spheres. Trema founded New Yevon to bring stability back to Bevelle and those people who had fallen out of touch. Unbeknown to everyone, however, Trema was an unsent who had falsified his title as an "Unaffiliated Yevon Priest" to infiltrate the heart of Yevon.[1]

Trema's true objective for having people collect spheres was not to "find the truths of Spira," but to erase the past. He took over the Monster Arena from Lord Mi'ihen (who had founded it 800 years ago) to carry on his aspirations of using the facility to train the Crusaders. Trema observed that whenever Sin was defeated, the Crusaders, who now had nowhere to use their training, sought conflicts, which caused him great despair. He surmised that what they needed was not physical, but spiritual training and labeled himself a Yevonite, began urging people to "pursue the truth" (through sphere hunting) and founded New Yevon.[1] As his philosophy was that "people must rid themselves of the past to become stronger," Trema took the spheres New Yevon had gathered and destroyed them in the depths of Bevelle in a place called Via Infinito, his rationale being that people must discard the past to face the future.

Praetor Baralai of New Yevon.

There have been three leaders of New Yevon in the two years since Sin's fall: Trema, who disappeared shortly after founding the group; an unnamed chairman, who was asked to resign when his practices steered the group in an undesirable direction; and Baralai, the current leader, or "Praetor."

New Yevon has come into conflict with the Youth League, chiefly because the latter suspects Bevelle of continuing the furtive practices of the Yevon faith, especially keeping secrets from the people of Spira. It is revealed they are concealing at least one secret: the existence of Vegnagun.

When the Gullwings visit Bevelle, Yuna is hesitant, as she turned down the previous chairman's offer of an arranged marriage with his son to garner public support for New Yevon. Her worries are quelled upon discovering Baralai now heads the party. An "awesome sphere" surfaces in Kilika where the Youth League and New Yevon compete over its ownership. The Gullwings snatch the sphere and discover it contains images of Vegnagun. Deciding to return the sphere, Yuna must decide whom to relinquish it to. If she gives it to New Yevon she gains their allegiance, but if she gives it to Youth League, New Yevon brands her their enemy. Upon investigating the Bevelle Underground, the Gullwings find Vegnagun has fled to the Farplane, and Baralai, now possessed by a malevolent unsent called Shuyin, follows with the intent of using the weapon to obliterate Spira. His friends Nooj and Gippal follow and as the factions are left leaderless Spira falls into turmoil. To prevent an all-out civil war, the Gullwings organize a concert on the Thunder Plains to reunite everyone, and when Lenne's final memories are broadcast for the crowd people come to see the futility of war and peace returns to Spira.

The Gullwings find Trema in the deepest reaches of Via Infinito but discover he is an unsent and battle him. Following the fall of Vegnagun and Shuyin, Baralai vacillates over disbanding New Yevon, in the wake of Nooj's decision to disband the Youth League. Though he does not do so, the group seems to be going the same way. He holds an apology tour to address the damage the groups have done in splitting Spira's people apart.

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Musical themes[]

"New Yevon Party" from Final Fantasy X-2

The theme of New Yevon is called "New Yevon Party" (新エボン党, Shin Ebon Tō?) and it plays as the background music to Bevelle.


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