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New Year Limited; Takoizumi is a unique, lv. 99 boss that can be encountered as a Nemesis in Norende Village and is a powered-up version of Kamiizumi. Originally a Japan-only Nemesis, he was made global due to sending Nemeses through StreetPass.

Takoizumi is one of the only bosses with an impossible ability set, by having both Susano-o (a Summoner ability) and Large BP Drink (a Merchant ability), which he normally can only have one or the other.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Takoizumi specializes in the use of counterattacking moves, utilizing Before Swine, Nothing Ventured and Know Thine Enemy. In addition, he now Counters all physical attacks. Due to his heavily increased stats, and 100% critical rate, his counterattacks will usually hit for 9999 damage even with buffs in place. He may also default, then brave and cast Susano-o followed by a conventional attack.

Once his HP reaches a certain threshold, he will start using Large BP Drinks every turn and braving three times. He mainly uses conventional attacks whilst braving although he may cast a Susano-o. However, he will never use his counterattacking moves. Due to a quirk in his AI, he will stop using Large BP Drinks if his MP is drained to 0.

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