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The New World seen from the moon.

The New World (新大陸, Shintairiku?) is a currently inaccessible location in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a continent located far to the west of Eorzea, across the ocean of the Indigo Deep.


The only known major population of the New World is the sprawling nation of the Mamool Ja. According to Emet-Selch, the New World has cities of gold.

The Whalaqee tribe live in the New World.

It is also known that a tribe of Hyur called the Whalaqee live somewhere on the continent, making their home near an area called Lapis Canyon that is rich in ceruleum. The Whalaqee hold the color blue as sacred because Lapis Canyon glows blue with ceruleum. They are the creators of blue magic.

Some examples of native plantlife in the New World are ogre pumpkins, ruby tomatoes, popotoes, and alligator pears. All have become staples of Eorzean diets ever since contact was made between the two continents.



While ancient epics and historical tomes in the Three Great Continents of Aldenard, Ilsabard, and Othard alluded to the continent's existence, as recently as eighty years ago the residents of those continents debated whether the New World really existed. A Roegadyn adventurer named Ketenramm the Blue from Limsa Lominsa rediscovered the New World after sailing west across the Indigo Deep for two months. Though he attempted to name it "Ketenland", the New World is the name used by most in the Three Great Continents today.[1]

Upon discovering the continent, Ketenramm and his crew spent several months exploring the inland and came across the nation of the Mamool Ja. Ketenramm presented gifts from Eorzea to the Mamool Ja's leader, who permitted them to roam his nation during their stay. Ketenramm and his crew mapped the land and gathered various root vegetables and seeds from the New World which they brought back with them to Eorzea.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Some Mamool Ja have come to Eorzea to serve as merceneries, and can mostly be found in Upper La Noscea.

Two Eorzeans, Martyn and Whastrach, participated in an expedition to the New World to meet with the Whalaqee. While Martyn started learning about their blue magic, Whastrach instead wished to mine their sacred Lapis Canyon for the vast amounts of ceruleum. When the Whalaqee became stricken from an Eorzean illness, Whastrach attempted to exploit them by having them sign over their land in exchange for the medicine. Martyn and the new blue mages he recruited helped solve the tribe's plight, convincing Whastrach not to mine on sacred ground.