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Final Fantasy X-2 menu with 'New Game Plus' option.

New Game Plus or "New Game+" or Chapter Select is a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series that allows the player to start a new game after they complete the game. Normally, players begin with rare items or abilities from their previous game.


Final Fantasy IV[]

The 3D remakes include a New Game Plus feature.

The things that carry over from playthrough to playthrough include:

Geryon can also now be fought in the Giant of Babil (or on Mount Ordeals, if the Giant is no longer accessible) after the defeat of the Archfiends.

Only three playthroughs total are allowed. At the end of a fresh playthrough, the option to start again in New Game Plus mode is presented at the end of the game, after the credits. On the second playthrough, the option to start a third playthrough in New Game Plus mode is presented. No such option is presented after the third playthrough.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The iOS, Android and Steam releases feature a New Game Plus by loading a save file of a finished game when selecting a New Tale (with the exception of Kain's Tale and The Crystals). In New Game Plus, all characters retain their levels, their band levels, their exact numbers of HP and MP and, for Palom, Porom and Leonora, the Dualcast command.

Since none of the items carry on while the game conserve the exact number of HP and MP of a character, it is advised to consume any Silver Apples, Golden Apples and Soma Drops before beginning a New Game Plus.

Rydia does not retain any of her rare summons.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

You'll gain access to Chapter Selection once you've cleared the game. If you have any unfinished quests, forgotten items, or undefeated enemies, you'll be able to jump straight to the chapter you need and try to complete what you missed.

Chapter Selection menu.

After completing the game on Normal or lower difficulty, players unlock the Chapter Selection menu that allows them to return to any prior chapter while retaining the party's level, materia, and equipment. Fast-travel via Sam's Delivery Service also remains free if the player obtained the lifetime pass.

Completing the game also unlocks the ability to play all chapters on Hard difficulty, which has all enemies performing with their maximum possible attributes at all times, instead of scaling as they did on lower difficulties, while granting them new abilities that change the tactics needed to defeat them. In addition, items cannot be used and benches will not restore MP, making healing in battle difficult and conservation of MP extremely important. Several weapon manuscripts for SP can only be found on Hard difficulty, and achieving the maximum Weapon Level of 6 is only possible by finding these manuscripts. Finally, the Shinra Combat Simulator found in the Shinra Building during Chapter 17 has several battles that can only be fought on Hard difficulty, including the superboss Pride and Joy Prototype.

Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi wanted to implement a post-game chapter select from early on, and proposed the system to Director Tetsuya Nomura. Hamaguchi wanted players to have easy access to any game segment on a replay, citing his familiarly with the smartphone game Mobius Final Fantasy as inspiration.[1]

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

After completing the game once, players choose a New Game+ option, which allows them to replay the game with all the same items, Materia, level, and equipment they had when they finished the game the first time.

However, all Digital Mind Wave characters are lost, except for the defaults Angeal and Sephiroth, along with all Mission data. Zack's weapon returns to being a regular sword rather than the Buster Sword. After completing the game again, there is a "New Game++" option, which acts the same way. There is, however, no new content that can be found on these replays.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

New Game Plus appears as an option on the game's main menu after finishing the game and saving game-clear data. Soft-resetting the game after loading any file that is a New Game Plus also activates this option.

The following is carried over:

  • All items in the inventory, with the exception of all Greens (as this would allow a player to catch a chocobo before the Ranch opens).
  • Gil obtained.
  • O'aka's current debt carries over, with an additional 1,000 gil added to his total.
  • All accessories (characters do not, however, begin the new game with any accessories equipped).
  • All dresspheres and Garment Grids, including their configuration. The First Steps grid is an exception: it will be reset to its "tutorial" config.
  • All abilities (including any progress made towards unlearned ones), and all key items that teach abilities to certain dresspheres.
  • Everything in Shinra's Bestiary and Dossiers, except for Shuyin's and Tidus's dossiers (see below).
  • All Al Bhed Primers.
  • All spheres purchased at the Luca Theater.
  • Current high score in the Gunner's Gauntlet (which becomes the new score that must be beaten to clear the mission again).
  • Blitzball stats and rankings.
  • Completion percentage. Any previously-earned percentage will not be added to this new total.
  • Play time.
  • Any Fiend Tales completed in Shinra's Creature Creator.
  • If the Player finished the fiend tale of Varan, The old Besaid Auroch's locker room in Luca will still be unlocked for the challenge with the Sphere Break Elites, But still needs to defeat each of them again.
  • The current roster of eight creatures, as well as their learned abilities and permanent stat increases.
  • All unlocked Tournaments in the Fiend Arena, as well as the number of times each one has been cleared.

The following is not carried over:

  • Character and creature levels.
  • Key items, with the exceptions of those listed above.
  • Captured chocobos and any Gysahl Greens.
  • All trap pods are lost and replaced with a single Trap Pod S.
  • Everything related to the two Calm Lands companies, including PR ratings and credits.
  • Matchmaking ratings.
  • Bikanel excavation status and wages, as well as the the build status of the Experiment.
  • Thunder Plains tower calibration scores.
  • Sphere Break coins and their values.
  • Checkpoints reached in the Via Infinito.
  • Enemy formations unlocked in the Battle Simulator (except for aeons).
  • The Fiend Arena config option is reset to Default and the Vibration option is reset to OFF.
  • Shuyin's and Tidus's dossiers are reset to their Chapter 1 status (Shuyin's displays as ??? again, and Tidus's is missing)

The following new features are available in New Game+:

Final Fantasy XII[]

The player is given the option to start a New Game- in The Zodiac Age.

The Zodiac versions have two New Game Plus modes: New Game+, where all characters begin at level 90, and New Game-, where all characters start at Level's 1/2/2/3/3/3 respectively and do not gain any experience, preventing them from leveling up. Nothing carries over into these new save files.

In the console versions New Game+ can be started after completing the game, and New Game- can be started after the player completes the game's Trial Mode. Neither mode can be started at any other point. In the Steam version, New Game Plus and New Game Minus are accessible from the beginning. The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions allow players to carry over their equipment into New Game+.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

There is no New Game+ feature but special items called Gate Seals allow players to "lock" certain locations and replay the events in them to obtain rare monsters if they had been previously missed, and choose different options during Live Trigger sequences to obtain "prizes" from previous choices that weren't made. Additionally, locking gates and replaying in some fashion is usually required to unlock paradox endings. However, some parts are not replayable in this way; for example, players cannot redo the Temporal Rift anomalies.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

There are two types of New Game+: one from running out of time or losing to the final boss and then retreating to the Crystal of Atonement, and one from successfully completing the game by defeating the final boss.

No matter which way a New Game+ starts, the following is always carried over:

The following additional bonuses apply if a New Game+ is begun in any way after defeating the final boss at least once:

  • The player can select Hard mode. On this difficulty, enemies are much tougher and give even less EP upon defeat, but they also drop better items, and triple the usual amount of gil. Merchants across Nova Chrysalia will also stock a number of garbs and equipment exclusively on this difficulty.
  • The player will gain the ability to upgrade weapons and shields at Forges. The materials required for upgrades can be obtained through Adventuring Essentials shops, and by defeating various enemies.
  • The player receives a key item from the Ark which allows them to activate Limit Break. This increases the cap on Lightning's HP/Strength/Magic from 50000/5000/5000 to 99999/9999/9999, respectively. While the Outerworld Services were still active, using this item would disable the ability to upload battle scores to the server.
  • EP may be increased to 9, and item slots to 12 by completing main quests again.
  • A crystal hourglass will appear in the Ark after the end of Day 2. This hourglass can instantly begin a New Game+ on demand, with all the benefits a standard New Game+ brings. The hourglass will also appear outside the doors leading to the final boss, if Lightning is forced to escape the battle.

All quests will give a different set of rewards if they were completed in any previous playthrough. Lightning will receive smaller stat bonuses for these repeated quests, but 50% more gil. Similarly, as she can only carry one of each accessory, opening a treasure sphere in New Game+ can instead upgrade that accessory (or contain gil instead) if she opened the treasure sphere in a previous playthrough. Previously-opened treasure spheres containing notes on monsters will now contain items that may be sold for gil. Quest items that aren't carried over include any key items that aren't enemy notes or the Proof of Overcoming Limits, such as Soul Seeds, Fireworks, Niblet-defeated Emblems, Pilgrims Cruxes, Bhakti's Oil, Forest Fertilizer, Crimm Mushrooms, Aryas Apples, and Rocky Crag Moles. NPC names and any planted greens will also be reset.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

New Game+ is a feature introduced in patch 5.1. It is unlocked after finishing any one of the chapters available for replay and accepting the Memories Rekindled Memories Rekindled quest in Western Thanalan.

This system allows players to replay previously completed quests by activating them, while retaining current progression and job level. In its introduction, only the Main Scenario quests from Heavensward, Stormblood, and base Shadowbringers were available. The system has since been steadily expanded to cover more storylines, including Discipline story quests and side stories.

Main Scenario
Chronicles of a New Era
Side Story Quests
Tank Quests
Healer Quests
DPS Quests
Crafter Quests
Gatherer Quests

Final Fantasy XV[]

New Game+ was added as a part of the version 1.03 patch. Originally, there was no New Game+ feature, though it is mentioned in the "Key Items" section of the official guide, implying that it had always been a part of Square Enix's plan. The New Game+ mode can be accessed after clearing the game once.

Features that carry over
Features that don't carry over
  • Completed main quests
  • Completed side quests
  • Completed hunts and rank
  • Map information, map points, and parking spots
  • The Regalia Type-F and Type-D
  • Specific key items, such as the Sealbreaker's Key (and Menace Dungeon access), and the quest items for the Regalia Type-F and Type-D
  • Pending auto-snapshots will be lost

Vagrant Story[]

The New Game Plus feature is available only to all players who have completed the game, allowing them to replay the game with the same weapons and stats as the end of their first journey. They are also given the item "Rood Inverse" which allows them to enter new passageways originally blocked-off during the first playthrough, such as the Iron Maiden.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

The New Game Plus feature is available after completing the game for the first time. Any character experience, weapons, and accessories the player has gained carry over from the previous save file, as well as the Setzer airship if the player has attained it. As the game was designed to be played more than once, new missions, classified as "Code Crimson", are unlocked during the second playthrough, which feature new cutscenes and enemies. Progress through certain sidequests, such as Emina's and Kazusa's, is carried over to the next playthrough; however, if such sidequests are completed, they are reset so as to allow them to be completed again. Finis difficulty (enemy level +50) is unlocked on New Game Plus as well, and some rewards can only be obtained on this difficulty setting.

If starting a New Game Plus from a save which has completed the Code Crimson order "Machina's Struggle", the player can fight True Gilgamesh to obtain the party's ultimate weapons.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

The New Game Plus feature is available after completing the game for the first time. New Game Plus saved games are indicated with a Crown and a Star symbol to the left of it. All Gil, equipment, experience points and items are carried over from the last game. New equipment are also available to buy and craft, and a new dungeon, River Belle, is unlocked together with a new boss. Enemies are also stronger in the new playthrough, and they now drop new loot.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

The New Game Plus feature is implemented here, under the name Start+. Virtually everything from the old file is carried over to the new one, including party members and mercenaries, character levels, equipped armor, and the entire inventory.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers[]

After completing the game, the player will be asked to save a "clear file", which is differentiated from first-playthrough files by the addition of a small medal icon. By loading this file, the player can begin a second playthrough in which Layle's health total and inventory from the end of the first, are carried over. Also, the Layle Moogle now offers his services from the beginning of the game, and can be found in the entrance corridor of Alfitaria Capital City.

Uniquely, New Game Plus mode also contains new and expanded scenes that provide clearer context for certain storyline events:

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
  • At the very beginning of the game, Althea discovers her father's crystallized corpse in the cockpit of the decommissioned Alexis.
  • When Jegran boards the Selkie Train in search of Layle, the letter he is given by the mail moogle is revealed to be from Belle, attempting to extort 10,000,000 gil from him in exchange for the continued secrecy of his being a crystal bearer.
Spoilers end here.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

On starting a new game, players are able to choose whether they would like to transfer save data from Dissidia Final Fantasy. If one opts to do so, there are two options: "New Game +", which carries over character levels, abilities, accessory slots, AP, Player Icons and bought PP Catalog items, and "Reset character levels", which does the same but resets levels, abilities and AP. Both options present the player with an "Elixir Pack" as bonus for transferring data.

World of Final Fantasy[]

New Game+ is included in the Maxima version, unlocked on the title screen menu after the player clears the Postscript on their original file.

Upon selecting New Game+, the player is given a description of what does and does not carry over from their current save file, and a confirmation to overwrite their original file to start the game over in this mode.

What carries over includes the following:

The player can obtain more than one copy of certain items in a New Game+ file, such as the Treasure Tracker and any Mirage mementos the player has acquired in their previous file (excluding the Gigantuar and Gigantrot mementos).

What does not carry over:

Certain unique Mirages (such as Tama) do not carry over at the start of a New Game+ file, but once acquired will retain the levels and SP from the previous file. The player is given a new set of prisms at the start of the game for most unique Mirages for them to capture again (if they have actually captured them before), excluding those that join the player already in prismariums. The Mirages' Mirage Boards will also be reset, removing any Ability Seeds placed in Blank Spaces, but with the restored SP, the player can refill the Mirage Boards again and collect duplicate Mirajewels and even change the Mirages' permanent mastery bonus. The Mirages that must be reacquired are the following:

The exceptions to this rule are Gilgamesh and Mel, which if already acquired in the original file, do not need to be reacquired again as the player is not given their respective prisms (unless the player has dismissed them from their Prism Case).

The following new features are added in a New Game+ file:

  • A "Nightmare" difficulty level that makes enemies and bosses much stronger, while rewarding the player with much more EXP, gil and better items. This difficulty level can be switched back to the normal difficulty at any point in the Config menu, by going to the new "Difficulty Setting" option. Coliseum battles are not affected when Nightmare difficulty is activated, however. This difficulty level becomes available after the player vanquishes the Gimme Golem in Wellspring Woods.
  • A Read Ahead Mirajewel Read Ahead Mirajewel that significantly reduces random enemy encounters when equipped, moreso than the Stealth Mirajewel Stealth Mirajewel. It can be found in Wellspring Woods.
  • Items from the Chocolatte Mart that were only available as the player progresses through a normal save file are now available at the beginning of the game, and are the following:
  • Also included in the Chocolatte Mart are the following items that could not be bought at all on a normal file:
    • Half Mega-Potions and Half Mega-Ethers, rare items that can only be obtained from Maxima version exclusive enemies or Time Attack Battles at the Coliseum, on a normal file.
    • A new item: the Toy Hammer, which inflicts nonlethal physical damage.
  • Twelve "WOFF Apocrypha" excerpts located throughout Grymoire.