New Dharm on the world map.

New Dharm (新ダーム, Shin Daamu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III.

Story[edit | edit source]

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New Dharm is under the second tomb from the top and right. The old town of Dharm was lost, and this underground town now serves as its new town. Arthur also learns that the Elder has already pass away. Myron is now in charge of the town and Lara defends the town against monsters. Myron tells Arthur to go to Viper City and help Dion.

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Shops[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
FFLIII Curative.gifCure2 150 G
FFLIII Curative.gifSoft 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifAntedot 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifThroat 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifEyeDrop 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifElixir 3500 G

Magic[edit | edit source]

Name Cost
FFLIII White Magic.gifCure2 1700 G
FFLIII White Magic.gifStone 3400 G
FFLIII Black Magic.gifLit 1 1700 G
FFLIII Black Magic.gifMute 3400 G

Treasure[edit | edit source]


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