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"New Bodhum" (ネオ・ボーダム, Neo Bōdamu?) is the location theme for the seaside town of New Bodhum in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It has two versions, both composed and arranged by Mitsuto Suzuki and performed by ORIGA, "New Bodhum", and its remix, "New Bodhum -Aggressive Mix-" that plays when enemies appear. The lyrics were written by Atari productions. The regular song is a calm and slightly upbeat.

Suzuki wrote "New Bodhum" while watching the beach around spring of 2011. He was fantasizing about going to a beach after finishing the song, and Suzuki traveled to Hawaii just as he finished writing. After returning he changed the melody of the vocal line, and just around summer time he asked ORIGA to sing the vocals requesting the vocals to be "as if you're walking along a beach".

The "Aggressive Mix" is the style in which Suzuki is most confident in, a techno sound that features beats and bass. Suzuki describes it as an unusual number for Final Fantasy, but is happy he was able to respond to the basic concept of "music that's unlike Final Fantasy".[1]


The official lyrics were released on the Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack.

Do you remember a touch of the wind on you?
Softer than whispers of angel that falls in love
Do you remember the sound of the ocean waves?
Breaking alone time after time, ah
Believing in magic can make you strong
Tell everyone that this is a place where you belong
Ah, everything looks shiny in the sun
A day in your life
Close your eyes to find yourself
In wonderful world
Ah, everything feels like your fantasy
A night in your life
Close your eyes to find yourself
In mystic time line

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

"New Bodhum" plays in New Bodhum at 3 AF after the morning comes after monsters attack the village and Serah Farron experiences a paradox. The -Aggressive Mix- plays whenever there are monsters in the field.

In one of early demos, the "New Bodhum" theme plays in the Bresha Ruins.

Both versions are the 13th and 14th tracks of disc 1 on the Final Fantasy XIII-2: Original Soundtrack.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

The theme plays Canopus Farms in the Wildlands. A street musician in the Old Town of Luxerion will also play the song and outside the clock tower at night time. This version, known as "A Home Far Away", is featured as track 20 on the album Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack PLUS.