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A town constructed on a shore of Gran Pulse by NORA and former residents of Bodhum. Surrounded by nature - it seems an idyllic place to live - the occasional monster encounter excepted.

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New Bodhum is a coastal town in Final Fantasy XIII-2, located on a shore of Gran Pulse, built by NORA and the residents of the original city of Bodhum in Cocoon, after which the town is named. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before it is stated the Cavalry also helped in the town's construction.


New Bodhum is one of the settlements built by immigrants from Cocoon on the shores of Gran Pulse. Many of its residents, are former inhabitants of Cocoon's seaside town of Bodhum.

Serah's fiance, Snow, chose the settlement's name. The members of his group, NORA, help work the fields and protect the townspeople from roaming monsters.

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Area Information

New Bodhum is a seaside village located some distance from Cocoon's pillar. Most of the residents are refugees from the former Cocoon town, Bodhum.

The residents are trying to recreate the fireworks festival for which old Bodhum became famous. If they succeed, the town is sure to become a major tourist destination.

From the Editor's Desk:

Be sure to drop by NORA House, a peaceful cafe right on the beach that serves up a fatally delicious dish of deadly whitefish. When we asked the very attractive chef what exactly was in it, she told us 'It's better that you don't know!'


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In the two years after Lightning's disappearance, NORA built New Bodhum and taught the former Cocoon citizens how to adapt to living on Pulse. Snow and Serah lived together, though still unmarried, and she became a teacher to educate kids on how Cocoon fell. One day Snow told Serah he believes her about Lightning being alive somewhere. Giving Serah his engagement necklace, he promised he will bring her home.

Crystal meteorite.

A year passes and Serah never hears back from Snow. One night, a crystal meteorite lands outside of town and mysterious monsters appear and attack the residents. As NORA fends them off, Serah gets caught in the chaos. A young man saves her and, with little time to talk, he hands Serah a weapon, enabling her to fight the monsters with him.

The man introduces himself as Noel Kreiss, and after they fight Gogmagog that emerges from a time rift, he tells Serah he has met Lightning and can take her to her, but NORA won't believe he is telling the truth. Noel shows them the meteor is really a Time Gate.

The next day, Serah and Noel search for an artefact to unlock the Time Gate. After finding it Noel reveals he is the last human alive in his time, 700 AF in the future. Before they get to the Time Gate, they have a rematch with Gogmagog, after which they reach the gate and step into the Historia Crux. If they return to New Bodhum later, they will find NORA marveling how they have barely been away.

Fake Lightning trying to end Serah's journey.

After Caius puts Serah into sleep in the Void Beyond, she ends up in the dream world version of New Bodhum from 3 AF where she is married to Snow and Lightning lives with them. Serah doubts the reality of the world and when she rejects the fake Lightning, a pathway to the Meteorite Crash Site area opens. At its end Serah is surprised to meet Vanille who explains the New Bodhum is a dream world, and Fang appears out of a portal. Vanille says that Serah's friend is trapped in his dream world somewhere in the Void Beyond and she must help him lest he'll be lost in it forever. Fang says Serah's rejection of the fake Lightning allowed them to enter her dream and opens a portal to Noel's dream world for Serah to continue on her quest.

Serah, Mog, and Noel meet Lightning.

At 700 AF, Serah, Mog, and Noel meet Lightning in the blackened ruins of New Bodhum. Lightning tells them they are in a future she couldn't save, before explaining everything that happened to her after Cocoon's fall and how Caius plans to turn the world into another Valhalla. To stop Caius's plan, Mog reveals a new Time Gate for Serah and Noel to pass through, leading to Academia 500 AF, the time Caius is to enact his plan.

If Serah and Noel return to New Bodhum in 3 AF where they had begun their journey, the members of NORA sense their final battle looms near and wish them the best of luck.

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Concept art.

NORA House.

The layout for the town area of New Bodhum is taken from playable section of Bodhum from Final Fantasy XIII, albeit with architecture change. The town is smaller than Bodhum, although it's possible that the buildings seen across the sea are part of the town as well. The building that evolved from the cafe's concept, was re-imagined into a bungalow which serves as a house and a bar. The wooden pier along the beach is also recreated. One of a fragment entries mentions that Gadot designed the houses along the shore. The village has a vegetable patch, a pier, and raised residences with walk ways between them.

The uninhabited area of the locale is a hilly area and for a proper travel requires people to jump over ledges and pits. Tidal Shallows is occasionally submerged, and the Meteorite Impact Site is a small recess in a previously flat hill created when the meteorite hit it.

  • NORA House
  • Town Square
  • Beachfront
  • Winding Way
  • Tidal Shallows
  • Meteorite Impact Site

The area map in 3 AF shows New Bodhum to be in the south of the area, and the meteorite impact site to the north. However, in Hollow Seclusion and in 700 AF, the village is to the west.


3 AF[]

Item Location Requirements
Potion x3 Winding Way None
Librascope Winding Way None
Map of New Bodhum Winding Way None
Phoenix Down Winding Way None
300 gil Winding Way None
Medical Kit Winding Way (Box) None
Iron Bangle Tidal Shallows None
Phoenix Down Tidal Shallows None
Graviton Core Alpha Tidal Shallows Moogle Hunt
Gysahl Greens x2 Meteorite Impact Site None
Blue Propeller Town Square Improved Moogle Throw
Rangda Town Square Improved Moogle Throw
Gold Chocobo Figurine Meteorite Impact Site Improved Moogle Throw
Cactuarina Meteorite Impact Site Improved Moogle Throw

700 AF[]

Item Location Requirements
Phoenix Blood Beachfront Moogle Hunt
Cartesian Board Beachfront Moogle Hunt, Moogle Throw
Map of New Bodhum -700 AF- Town Square Advanced Moogle Hunt
Artefact of the Ark Town Square Advanced Moogle Hunt
Supply Sphere Access Code Town Square Advanced Moogle Hunt
Noel's Message Beachfront Paradox Scope fragment skill
Serah's Message Town Square Paradox Scope fragment skill


Musical themes[]

New Bodhum has two tracks, both composed by Mitsuto Suzuki and performed by ORIGA: "New Bodhum", and its remix, "New Bodhum -Aggressive Mix-". The regular song is a calm and slightly upbeat. The aggressive mix plays whenever enemies appear on the field, during the duration of the Mog Clock. When New Bodhum is being explored in 3 AF during the night, just after the meteorite's impact, a track called "Full Speed Ahead" plays as both the background theme and as the battle theme.

The next morning, "New Bodhum" and "New Bodhum -Aggressive Mix-" play in 3 AF, while in 700 AF, "Dust to Dust" - from Final Fantasy XIII - plays as the background theme initially, but after the meeting with Lightning, "Lightning's Theme - Unprotected Future -" plays as the main area theme. During battles in the area in 3 AF, "Paradigm Shift" plays as the battle theme whereas in 700 AF, "Blinded By Light" from Final Fantasy XIII plays.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

This concept art of Eden EdenFF13 appears in a wall portrait in the NORA house of New Bodhum.

If the player skips the cutscene in which Noel asks Serah if she is ready to go with him on the journey at the meteorite, the game will not continue. Players will need to watch the cutscene otherwise the Live Trigger menu for Noel's question will not appear.


3 AF
3 AF (Dream World)
700 AF

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