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Sherlotta and Refia are out and about among the ice, searching for a Mirage that's been causing trouble. But that figure looming in the snow, it's...

Quest summary

Never Cross the Boss is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 8 and completing the quest, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name.


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Sherlotta and Refia go out to an area of the Ice Region looking for a Mirage causing trouble. The Undead Princess appears, demanding they hand over their gil and treasure and leave.

After the battle, the Undead Princess says she'll stop if they lay off her. She then tells them they are the strongest mortals she's ever encountered and tries to recruit them for something. Sherlotta ignores her and delivers one more punch, sending the princess flying. Refia wonder if the princess was trying to tell them something, but Sherlotta just brushes it off and says they should return home.

The Undead Princess stops them and asks if their just naturally mean, as she asked them not to kill her and just talk. Sherlotta informs her she can't just let creepy things scare people from her inn, as it would put her out of business, and clocks the princess again. They then try to leave again, but the princess shows they can't kill her.

While Sherlotta wonders just what it would take to kill her, Refia says they should just hear her out seeing as they're not getting anywhere this way. The Undead Princess tells them being a Mirage makes for a long existence and she's robbing people as a hobby. Sherlotta prepares to punch her again and the princess asks if she has any other ideas for what she could do. Sherlotta decides to hire her to scare adventures towards her inn, though she warns her not to threaten or rob them anymore. Excited to have a purpose, the princess takes the job.

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The battle consists of only the Undead Princess★. First time completion of this quest rewards the Undead Princess Memento and x2 Holy Torch with subsequent completions rewarding x1 Potion.