FFTA2 wiki icon The Neukhia is the final boss of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, appearing as a gigantic purple hand ripping through the rift. It consists of three parts, the Pod, the Core, and the Wisp.

The Neukhia first appears in the second half of the mission A Request, after Clan Gully is teleported to Zellea, the Forbidden Land. Only the Neukhia Pod, a three-pronged hand, is present in this battle. Once defeated, the pod retreats back into the Rift.

Once summoned by Illua using her Grimoire, the Neukhia emerges in full fury with its entire body emerging from the Rift. It is notable that the Neukhia itself takes up most of the battlefield, with only a small section not taken over by it. However, party members are still able to walk over most of its viscous purple form.


Neukhia Pod


An extension of the Neukhia. It destroys all who draw near.


The Neukhia Pod stays on the offensive throughout the whole of the final battle. Its attacks are not that powerful while the Neukhia Wisp is alive, but when the Wisp is defeated it will begin to use its powerful spells more frequently, one of which is the Demon Wall's Telega, which transports a unit next to the Pod and inflicts Immobilize. Destroying the Neukhia Pod allows for easier access up the right side of the battlefield.

Neukhia Core


The heart of the Neukhia. The fires of the Apocalypse burn within its light.


The Neukhia Core plays different roles in the battle depending on the condition of the other components. It will constantly buff or heal the Neukhia Wisp with Charge Ray or Restoration Ray until the Wisp is defeated. Then it will go on the offensive, making certain stones on the map glow golden with the Rewind ability. If the party members fail to remove the energies from the stones in time, the Core will use Grand Cross, which inflicts huge damage on all allies close to the stones.

Neukhia Wisp


An extension of the Neukhia. Its ghostly form dances before the shapeless mass.


The Neukhia Wisp is an elusive foe, as it will teleport between three different points on the map each time it is attacked. These tiles are marked by a stone ring and are in the far left, center, and far right areas of the battlefield.



The Neukhia pulsates with the dark powers of the underworld.

Ability MP Range Pod Core Wisp
Grand Cross Area around Shining Stones No Yes No
Physical attack.
Consumption 6 Yes No No
Damages units in a large area.
White Hole 3 sq. width line in front of user Yes No No
Damages units in its path.
Syphonja 6 Yes No No
Reduces MP to 0 in a large area.
Dispelja All enemies No No Yes
Removes buffs from all opponents.
Apocalypse 6 Yes No Yes
Inflicts Confuse on units in an area.
Gigadust 12 All enemies No Yes No
Deals magical damage to all enemies.
Catastrophe 6 Yes No Yes
Lowers Defense and Resistance of units in an area with 100% accuracy.
Punishing Ray 10 No Yes Yes
Damages one unit.
Restoration Ray Neukhia Wisp No Yes No
Restores Neukhia Wisp's HP.
Charge Ray Neukhia Wisp No Yes No
Bestows Neukhia Charge on Neukhia Wisp.
Sanctify All enemies No No Yes
Damages all enemies; uses up Neukhia Charge.
Rewind Blue stones on battlefield No Yes No
Makes three stones shine with golden light.


The demon wall pursues those who cross its path with a power that shakes the foundation of the earth.

The Neukhia Pod is the only component that knows an Elimination ability.

Ability MP Range Effect
Telega 10 Entire battlefield Transports target in front of user and inflicts Immobilize with 100% accuracy.



"Neukhia" seems to come from the Greek language, though it is currently unknown what word it is based on or derived from. It may be based on Nekuya (Νεκυια), which is a song serving to evoke the dead in ancient Greek theater.

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