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The Nether Nebula is a dungeon located in the Cornelia Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy. It is entered via a cave entrance spanning the northeast area of the Cornelia Region.

The cave hosts the elemental crystals for the Shiva, Ramuh and Ifrit Mirages.


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WoFF Mirages Shiva Ramuh Ifrit

Shiva, Ramuh and Ifrit greet the twins.

After traversing the cavern and entering its inner depths, the twins encounter a threshold containing three large crystals. Mirages appear from the crystals, calling themselves Shiva, Ramuh and Ifrit. The Mirages greet the twins with a welcome, much to the latter's confusion. Having taken a look at the condition of the twins, the Mirages deduce that they are not the same masters they once knew, stating that rather than having all three of them fight, the twins can select one they want to fight.

After selecting the Mirage they would like to fight, the twins enter into battle and achieve victory over the Mirage. Following the battle's end, the three Mirages bid their farewell to the twins, removing the threshold from the area as well as providing them a prismarium of the same Mirage class as the Mirage they have chosen to fight.

An elated Tama tells the twins that she can produce a quick shortcut to exit the cave, much to Lann's excitement. After producing the Gate, Lann and Tama argue over whether the buzzcut is actually, with the latter asking what could be shorter than a buzzcut. Reynn deduces that it's probably a bald-cut.

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WoFF The Nether Nebula Map


Name Image
Libra Mirajewel WoFF The Nether Nebula Libra mirajewel
Sleekstone WoFF The Nether Nebula Sleekstone
Potion WoFF The Nether Nebula Potion
Potion WoFF The Nether Nebula Potion2
Earth Hammer WoFF The Nether Nebula Earth Hammer
Phoenix Down WoFF The Nether Nebula Phoenix Down


Secret Cavern

To access the Secret Cavern, the player will require mirages with the Smash and Flutter abilities. Follow the path below and to the right of the save crystal.

Unlike other secret areas, these mirages will appear randomly in normal battles with higher leveled Nether Nebula mirages.



Nether comes from Old English niþera or neoþera, meaning "down, downwards, below, beneath."

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.