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The Neslowe Passage area.

A cave passing beneath the narrow sea once connected this volcanic island with the mainland.


The Neslowe Passage is the name of an area in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, located in the southern part of Ordalia. It is mainly a passage to Goug, and features volcanic grounds and caves.


Neslowe Peak[]


This volcano has smoldered for many hundred years. They say it once lay deep on the ocean floor.

Lava Run[]


Countless lava flows have formed a natural path sloping away from the volcano. With each passing day it grows a little wider.

Secret locations[]

The Neslowe Passage[]


This network of caverns passes under the Mirhelian Sea. It was once possible to reach the mainland, but these passages have collapsed.

This area is unlocked after examining the bottom left well in the mission "Odd Places".

Shifting Caverns[]


A long forgotten cavern that extends beneath the Mirhelian Sea. It is impossible to tell whether its passages were wrought by man.

This area is unlocked when the notice for the final Heritor quest is checked at the pub.


Aisenfield Highroad[]

This bridge leads north to Aisenfield. Water covers the bridge at night, making passage impossible.

Goug Highroad[]

This majestic bridge leads east to Goug. Ash gathers like snow in drifts along its span.