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Nerine (ネリネ) is one of Fina's companions in Season Three and the body double of princess Swan from Couleur in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She joins Fina and her friends to bring back the colors back to the world and joins the Hollow Breakers.



Nerine bears a similarity to Princess Swan. She has short sliver hair with a blue beret, purple eyes, blue earrings, a white shirt with a blue brooch which exposes her navel, fingerless gloves, and grey pants with long thigh high boots.


Nerine is motherly with characters such as Roca. She's prepared for many situations with some interesting tools. She tends to dwell on things she hasn't prepared more for, which is played for comedic effect. She has feelings for Chorale despite him thinking she was the princess, Swan.



Nerine is voiced by Rui Tanabe in her CG Limit Burst.


Like the rest of Fina's female companions, Nerine is named after flowers.