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The Neo-Rozarria Faction is an underground movement in the manga version of Final Fantasy XII. They are based in both the Kingdom of Dalmasca and its neighboring Nabradia, and particularly came to prominence in the year 704 Old Valendia, just before the Battle of Nalbina Fortress, having been spurned from the proposed political marriage of Princess Ashelia Dalmasca and Lord Rasler Nabradia.

The Neo-Rozarria Faction posits that Dalmasca cannot afford to place their allegiance with Nabradia when an Archadian threat is looming. Instead, they want both Dalmasca and Nabradia to pledge allegiance with the Rozarrian Empire. The planned marriage between Lady Ashe and Lord Rasler stands in their way, which they want to prevent at all costs.

Notable members[]

  • Marchioness Argas - A Neo-Rozarrian spy placed within the Royal Palace of Rabanastre, leader of King Raminas's assassination attempt.
  • Sir Forz - General of Nabradia, believed to be aiding the assassination attempt, actually an enemy spy.


The members within the meeting wear long, hooded black robes, and masks that obscure the top half of their faces. The only faction member not seen in this outfit is Sir Forz, who attends the meeting in his Nabradian army uniform.


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When Lord Rasler arrives at the Royal Palace of Rabanastre from Nabradia—alongside his General, Sir Forz—to marry the young Princess Ashe, he unexpectedly tells her that he cannot go through with the wedding. Thinking he has rejected her, Ashe storms away, embarrassed, to be comforted by Marchioness Argas, whom she treats as an older sister.

As she returns to her chambers, she overhears Lord Rasler speaking suspiciously with Sir Forz in the courtyard. Hearing her father's name mentioned, she follows Forz as he heads elsewhere in the palace. Her curiosity is piqued when she sees Forz heading to a closed-off area under reconstruction.

Sir Forz unwittingly leads Ashe to the secret location of the Neo-Rozarria Faction where they discuss that evening's plan: to assassinate King Raminas in his bed chambers. The meeting is briefly interrupted by a noise from outside; Ashe has fallen over in shock, presuming Lord Rasler is the conspiracy leader. Rasler helps her escape before Sir Forz finds her, though they both fall to the Garamsythe Waterway through a weak floor.

Captain Basch intervenes the faction's plans.

The Neo-Rozarrian Faction heads to Raminas's bed chambers to carry out their attack they are interrupted by Ashe and Lord Rasler, who have surfaced from the waterway in protect Raminas. The assassination's leader removes her mask to reveal herself to be Marchioness Argas. Argas explains the faction's motives to Ashe before proceeding to the bed to stab the sleeping king.

Unbeknown to the faction, the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca already knew of their plan, and sent their captain, Basch fon Ronsenburg, to lie in Raminas's bed and lure the assassins, while the real Raminas is kept safe elsewhere. Captain Basch leaps out of the covers and cuts off Argas's arm, and the Order storms into the room and accosts the remaining rebels. Sir Forz was actually a spy of the Order, planted within the faction to alert the Order of their movement.

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Neo is a prefix from the ancient Greek word for "new" or "young".