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Nemesis is a dummied fal'Cie in Final Fantasy XIII. It operates the Seventh Ark, a training ground for l'Cie. It is a purple palette swap of Anima, and would have fought similar to it, but being a dummied enemy the battle is unfinished. Its design was later used for Final Fantasy XIII-2 to make the Proto Fal'Cie Adam.

If the Seventh Ark is hacked into, the Nemesis battle can be accessed, and Nemesis is the only enemy in the Ark that can be battled against. The battle is broken with Nemesis's AI script not loading and many attacks cannot connect with it. After the battle the party leader comments their power should be used for saving Cocoon, rather than for evil as the fal'Cie want in training them strong enough to take on Orphan.


A Datalog entry exists across all versions of the game, although only the Spanish version is known to have a complete entry for it, as the English one says: "PLACEHOLDER — TO BE TRANSLATED LAST AS THIS IS GOING TO BE DELETED ANYWAY".[1]

The Spanish entry for Nemesis translated to:

The Fal'Cie — Nemesis

Fal'Cie lord and master of the Seventh Ark. Its work consists of harassing the l'Cie in the middle of cruel tests and obligating them to surpass their own limits.

Apparently it trains them to fight against someone, but it is not known who.

Nemesis and its Ark already existed in the times before the construction of Cocoon.[1]



The fal'Cie tend to be named after summoned monsters from the series. Although there is no Nemesis summon, there is an optional boss called Nemesis in Final Fantasy X.

Nemesis means something a person cannot conquer, or an opponent whom a person cannot best. It can also mean an agent or act of retribution or punishment. It originates from Greek némesis meaning "a dealing out", verbid of némein "to dispense (justice)". Nemesis is also a goddess from Greek mythology.