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Nelly, also known as Nellie and Molly in the PlayStation version, is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy II. She is the daughter of Josef. She is a blonde girl with pigtails tied with red ribbons. She wears a green dress with yellow patterns and has brown eyes. Nelly is Josef's loving and supportive daughter and wishes him well on his quest with the party.


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The only daughter of Josef, Nelly has been supportive of him from the start. She was abducted by Borghen to work in the mythril mines, but escaped along with Paul. She is safely returned to Josef who is overjoyed at her return. When Josef leaves Salamand to journey with Firion and the party, Nelly wishes him well in his adventures. When informed of Josef's death at the hands of Borghen, Nelly is heartbroken and goes into a state of withdrawal. She later takes up a job as servant to Princess Hilda in Fynn as a way of thanking her country for saving her and her town from the Emperor's wrath. She is happy and proud of Josef for what he has done to protect her and Salamand.

Nelly plays a vital role in the defeat of the deceased Emperor's light-half. She, alongside Elina and Kain, Prince Gordon and Princess Hilda, appear before the deceased warriors, including Josef, and warn them that the Light Emperor is just as evil as the Emperor the surviving Wild Rose Rebels are fighting.

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Other media[]

According to the eidolon Ramuh's story from Final Fantasy IX, Firion and the party didn't report Joseph's death to his daughter.