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Commander Neesa.

Lost your nerve, Samantha? War is change. We must follow suit.

Commander Neesa

Commander Neesa, also known as Commander Neech (ニーチ, Nīchi?) in the Japanese version, is an officer of the Order of the Crimson Blades in Vagrant Story. She is a proud warrior and a capable knight, trusted by Romeo Guildenstern, her commander in the attack on Leá Monde. Wielding a heavy mace, she serves faithfully alongside Sir Tieger. During the game, they both attempt to defeat the meddlesome Riskbreaker, Ashley Riot, but the battle ends in a draw. Later, their former ally, Father Grissom returns from the dead as an undead zombie. Grissom is driven insane by Leá Monde's evil and attacks Neesa and Tieger. During the game's last scenes, Tieger holds Grissom back so that Neesa can survive and tell the world what happened in the city. She is the only member of the Crimson Blades to survive the events of Vagrant Story.


Commander Neesa is fought as a boss again with Tieger in the Undercity.


Ashley with Tieger and Neesa.

  • One of the artwork of the game shows Ashley, Tieger and Neesa adventuring together. Since this situation never happens during the game, it is assumed that Tieger and Neesa were meant to become playable characters in the two-player or AI-controlled options of the game that were removed during development.