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Nedrick Ironheart is an Eorzean explorer and cartographer that appears in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the grandson of famed explorer Roddard Ironheart and an explorer in his own right. Prior to the Sixth Umbral Era, Nedrick worked as a map reviser for Highwind Skyways, an airship ferrying company, in order to finance his explorations. During this period, he dealt with adventurers to ascertain changes in the realm and keep the maps up to date, working from Owl's Nest in Coerthas.

Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, around the dawn of the Seventh Astral Era, Nedrick became a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a group of individuals whose goal was to bring about the Seventh Astral Era. While staying in Vesper Bay, Nedrick met a particular adventurer that he identified as looking for a challenge and directed them to multiple dungeons in turn, eventually introducing them to Rowena to better the adventurer's equipment.



Nedrick is a Midlander Hyur with fair skin and brown hair of average height. He, like his sister Millith, wears a Weathered Sun Hat.


Nedrick is proud of his family's legacy as explorers, considering it a romantic profession, though bemoans the cost of exploration which has forced him to seek additional employment in order to finance his work. Despite this, he still finds passion in the job of annotating maps and charting the ever shifting landscape of Eorzea for the benefit of airship travel. After the calamity, Nedrick remains enthusiastic about exploration, though focuses on helping passing adventurers reach their full potential by visiting interesting locations and challenging trails through ruins and the like.

Behind the scenes[]

Nedrick and his family are an extended reference to Gwynham Ironheart from Final Fantasy XI, a historical explorer that mapped much of Vana'diel.

Despite his initial portrayal as focusing on the topology of the greater Eorzea, being the achievement NPC for overworld exploration in the initial release of the game, Nedrick in A Realm Reborn is a quest-giving NPC that guides the player character to various dungeons. This is in contrast with his sister Millith, who unlocked dungeon achievements in the initial release, and is instead the NPC that gives the player character access to the sightseeing log, incentivising overworld exploration in A Realm Reborn.