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The Necrosis is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It always appears with two other Necroses. It can drain HP while attacking, and inflict Poison, Deprotect, and Deshell with Serial Killer.


Paradigm PackEdit

The Necrosis is a Saboteur. It does have limited use in battle, as it inflicts the same status ailments that Serah and Noel can, albeit its attacks are physical and it is costly to develop; on par with Twilight Odin and Omega. It does have some useful passive abilities. It is the only source of an inheritable Resilience: +40% passive ability, so players may wish to level Necrosis up to 70, then infuse it into other monsters that would otherwise be susceptible to status ailments.

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Deprotect II Initial Command N
Improved Debuffing Initial Passive N
Resilience: +10% Initial Passive Y
Poison II 9 Command N
Deshell II 12 Command N
Resist Physical: +5% 15 Passive Y
Heavy Deshellga 24 Command N
Imperil II 28 Command N
Resist Physical: +15% 30 Passive Y
HP: +10% 36 Passive Y
Heavy Deprotega 39 Command N
Resilience: +20% 46 Passive Y
HP: +16% 50 Passive Y
Imperilga 52 Command N
HP: +25% 66 Passive Y
Resilience: +40% 70 Passive Y
HP: +30% 72 Passive Y
Heavy Poisonga 80 Command Y
Improved Debuffing II 86 Passive N


  • Green – HP
  • Red – Strength
  • Purple – Magic


Necrosis is the premature death of cells in living tissue. Necrosis is caused by factors external to the cell or tissue, such as infection, toxins, or trauma.

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