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Necromancer is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Daurell Caverns and World of Ruin main quests, and the Things from the Past hunt. It is a tall floating daemon surrounded by blue flames that summons minions and uses status attacks.


Daurell Caverns-dwelling daemon fond of donning robes lifted from skeletal remains. The necromancer's magical moniker derives from its inexplicable affinity toward the dark arts.
Size: 12.33 ft. Weight: 776.2 lb.
A dread necromancer that refuses to let the Cauthess Rest Area rest in peace. While the daemon itself is uncommonly strong, its behavioral patterns do not differ much from those of its ill-meaning ilk.
Size: 12.40 ft. Weight: 783.9 lb.


Things from the PastCauthess Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Necromancer x3The Fallgrove (Nighttime)418,080 gil, Rune Earring x1★★★





Necromancers use both physical and magical attacks. Their Dark-elemental attacks are magical, and the attack where it grabs the player character causes Instant Death if the player doesn't escape in time: outright kill from full HP, bypassing the "Danger" buffer. They send forth detonating balls of dark energy; the explosion is Darkness-elemental and magical, but the throw deals physical damage. They summon skeletons, which die when the necromancer that spawned them is defeated. Necromancers are weak to greatswords, shields and ice.

They can confuse party members with clouds of smoke, or petrify them with their triangle beam ranged attack.


Necromancer grab attack that deals Instant Death.

If the player has Ardyn's Ensemble from completing Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, it is great to equip against necromancers as it absorbs Darkness. Otherwise, it is best to play defensively and block their attacks. The player doesn't need to release the defense button even when rescuing allies from Danger status.

If a necromancer grabs Noctis, the player should tap Circle/B, as failing to escape inflicts Instant Death. Wearing accessories that protect against Confusion and Stone is recommended, or eating food that provides Resilient (protects all status ailments except Instant Death): Beanball Croquettes, Three-Mushroom Kebabs, Grilled Mighty Barramundi, and Broiled King-on-a-Stick. Pairing the Resilient buff with a Safety Bit, or simply equipping Ribbon without any food buff, will immunize Noctis to Confusion, Stone and Instant Death, neutering the necromancer's most dangerous attacks and leaving the player to only deal with the damage they dish out. However, Stone is also easily cured with cheaply available Gold Needles, which are instant to use, so the player can prioritize other accessories over providing Stone-immunity even if they don't cook the food with Resilient. The Medjay Assassin's Robe also protects against Instant Death, but was only available during the temporary Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival event and can no longer be obtained.

Necromancers are fairly slow, so the player can circle around them (the player can use dodge-roll to orient themselves) and hit their blindside that deals bonus damage and has a chance to trigger blindside-links with nearby allies. Gladiolus's Techniques do good damage and can hit multiple targets at once. The player should use Armiger as soon as it is available. If Ignis has Enhancement, he can bestow Noctis's weapon with the ice element so he can do more damage. The Spelldaggers, if available, are permanently infused with all elements, and character-swapping to Ignis lets him wield ice attacks. The party can also use any ice elemancy the may have.


In the hunt for multiple necromancers, the player can try to draw one of them outside the stone circle where they spawn to separate them, making it easier to dodge the petrifying beam when there is only one of them to fight at a time. Blizzard-type magic works well, especially when the necromancers remain grouped: a quintcast has the potential to deal enormous damage. If the necromancers will not follow the player outside the ruins, the player can stay outside, hide behind the walls, and throw magic at them, while also killing any approaching minions with normal attacks. If the player eats Grilled Mighty Barramundi before the battle, they resist Confusion and Stone, and the party members will also not take damage from friendly-fire magic. If the player has Ardyn's Ensemble, they also get a massive boost to Noctis's Magic stat for this strategy to be even more effective. The player can time to start the hunt near sunrise and draw it out, and the necromancers and their minions will begin to be weakened by the sunlight.

Chapter 14[]

Necromancers in the World of Ruin of FFXV.png

In Chapter 14 the lone Noctis can face three necromancers on the hills near Galdin Quay. The player can't have much buff from food, because even if the camp on the beach is usable, Noctis does not cook. The player is best off not getting caught in the middle of the necromancers and using ice elemancy on them from afar. However, the player can simply not engage with them and run away.


Etymology and symbolism[]

Necromancy is a form of magic involving communication with the deceased—either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily—for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft.

In traditional Japanese folklore beliefs souls that died in a sudden or violent manner, or ones that did not get the proper burial rituals performed upon them, may linger in the physical plane as yūrei, analogous to western legends of ghost. Yūrei are frequently depicted as being accompanied by a pair of floating flames or will o' the wisps that are separate parts of the ghost rather than independent spirits, similar to how flames surround the ghostly Necromancer and its ilk.

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