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Nazuu also known as Nazuu of the Kappa Star is an antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of the Orders ranking tenth in the organization's hierarchy. Going under the name of Fong he debuts in Season Two during the Gungan chapter attempting to plunge the land into civil war.



As Fong, he appears as a tall, tiger beastman dressed in black Chinese clothing. He usually keeps his arms folded. When he reveals his true appearance he wears durable black armor and clothing of more Asiatic origin. In combat, he wields a pair of hand-axes.


Nazuu is deceptive and manipulative, able to pose as a loyal servant to King Palte and dedicated to the Shibyra cause. He speaks in a polite and adequate manner to appear distinguished and noble. His true personality is self-centered, uncaring and arrogant. He attempts to destroy his own land purely for his own benefit, feeling nothing about the prospect of starving thousands of his fellow beastmen by desertifying the land, looking down on them as narrow-minded fools living in a tiny world. His ambitions run deep as he desires to become the next Emperor and is ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it.


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Nazuu was born and raised in Gungan, but grew to resent his land as a tiny world filled with "narrow-minded fools", desiring something better for himself. He went to Aldore to fulfill his ambitions and earned a place within the Orders as the tenth strongest member. His ambitions continued to grow as he sought the throne, willing to do anything to secure it.

Seemingly acting on his own accord, Nazuu returned to Gungan to destroy it by deepening the conflict between the Shibyra and Natura clans. Joining the Shibyra army under the guise of Fong, he served King Palte as his right-hand man. When a peace treaty was to be signed between the clans a terrorist attack orchestrated by criminals hired by Nazuu ended up with Shibyra's React core stolen and soured the relationship between the clans inciting war.

Nazuu attempted to retrieve the core for his own use and kill those implicated so as to bury any witness of the affair. While pursuing a "Natura" beastman (in truth a Shibyra one), Nazuu encounters the Sworn Six of Paladia who stopped the criminal. As Fong he welcomes them while explaining the current state of affairs and requests their help.

Fong presents the Sworn Six before King Palte, the human king of the Shibyra clansmen who recognizes the legendary heroes and requests their aid on the upcoming war. Raegen agrees under the condition they can investigate the terrorist attack and Palte agrees. As they departed guided by Fong, he explains to the Sworn Six that King Palte was an abandoned human child raised by a beastman scientist who grew to love him and taught him what he knew. Thus Palte was accepted as leader of the Shibyra. Fong wishes good luck to the Sworn Six while claiming to make "preparations for war". In truth Nazuu would attempt to kill the ones responsible for the terrorist attack to avoid being implicated.

The Sworn Six eventually reach Kokee Town, a slum suburb full of criminals from where they get a lead on the terrorists. They find their hideout and one of them dead with a trail of blood leading to a nearby cave: Palte's old abode where he was raised and where the Sworn Six corroborate his background. Ignacio discovers another room where the Sworn Six find Fong who has cornered and killed the last of the criminals, explaining his actions as trying to avert the war by securing the core. He claims to return to King Palte to stop the battle.

As the conflict escalates both parties ready for war and meet on the battlefield. Raegen gambles by challenging the Natura to single combat. Although Sol offers himself much to Raegen's shock, Lasswell takes it upon himself to duel his adoptive father. Knowing what his father's intentions are, the two fight while explaining each clan's respective problems. As the battle between father and son is witnessed by both parties with Raegen emerging as the winner and intending with Lasswell to keep fighting until both sides are satisfied, both King Palte and King Yaksha agree to a ceasefire as they allow Lasswell's party and the Sworn Six to figure out the truth.

At the mines where the terrorists' explosives' gunpowder originated the party finds Fong who reveals his true colors: he intends for both kingdoms be destroyed to secure the technology and resources from both. He uses the core in reverse mode to desertify the mine, intending to desertify all of Gungan.

Both parties give chase to an Energy Station which holds the technology to allow Nazuu to suck Gungan dry. Nazuu empowers the crystal that holds the vision of an unremarkable monster with the core to make a powerful threat while he flees. Lasswell's party faces the monster while the Sworn Six confront and defeat the rogue beastman. With delusions of grandeur Nazuu makes one last attempt for the device needed to destroy Gungan. He's assaulted by Lasswell from above and killed on the spot, to his dying breath holding onto his desire to be the next Emperor. His death puts an end to the Gungan civil war with peace signed at last.

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Nazuu is faced at the end of the Gungan chapter. His first turn is always Bestial Mentality, which boosts his ATK and debuffs the party's resistance to Fire. Nazuu uses several physical attacks both single-target and party-wide to inflict stat debuffs and confusion, which in conjunction with his ATK buff can destroy an unprepared party quick, especially if weakened as he becomes more aggressive. He has an innate resistance to Fire (100%), immunity to status ailments and is vulnerable to stat breaks.


Nazuu is not a particularly difficult foe for veteran players, though Nazuu can kill a party quick after his initial setup is complete. A Physical Tank and fire resistance should give the player enough defense. The player should immunize against Confusion, in particular healers. Damage options vary and can be used freely, but Fire damage is unwise due to Nazuu's resistance. Despite being a beastman, Nazuu is treated as a human-type monster, so Man-Eater related abilities will boost damage.