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Nayo is a supporting character in the Episode INTERmission DLC introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. She is a member of an Avalanche HQ branch monitoring the Sector 7 slums, overseeing the actions of the branch while keeping a close eye on the activities of Barret Wallace's Avalanche splinter cell. Nayo ensures Yuffie Kisaragi and Sonon Kusakabe receive counterfeited interplate IDs for their mission.


Nayo was born and raised in the slums of Midgar. At some point, she joined Avalanche.

Nayo meets Yuffie.

In "Wutai's Finest", Zhijie introduced Nayo, Billy Bob, and Polk to Yuffie. Nayo told a curious and annoyed Yuffie that Sonon was out and had quickly acclimated to the slums. She couldn't crack the Da-chao bean Yuffie gave her and was surprised she could eat two handfuls, calling ninjas "insane". Polk directed an impatient Yuffie to Nayo, who insisted she rest, detailed the Shinra Building's layout and the supposed location of the coveted "ultimate materia", and described the mature Wall Market. An amused Nayo laughed as Yuffie compared Wall Market to the Happy Turtle in Wutai, and suggested she check out the local Happy Turtle ran by Old Snapper. She commended Yuffie for her arduous journey to Midgar, wished for her safety as she left to conduct recon, and recommended staying close since Sonon would soon return.[1]

Nayo observes Barret's splinter cell from afar.

Upon Sonon's return, Nayo asked the ninjas to accompany her to pick-up their counterfeited interplate IDs at a municipal storage depot across town. She educated them about Midgar, emphasized Shinra Electric Power Company was the real enemy, and explained the benefits of having multiple IDs in the city. She asked for Yuffie's opinion on the undercity and received a negative answer, but Nayo affirmed the crowds eventually become less bothersome, the slums take time to adapt to, and encouraged giving it a chance. She observed Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, and Biggs from afar, explaining to Yuffie and Sonon they were members of an Avalanche splinter cell who defected after a "policy dispute". She revealed they were responsible for the reactor bombings and that they didn't care for "collateral damage". Nayo said Avalanche HQ intended to bring down Shinra without harming innocent bystanders, and that they agreed to work with Wutai for a brighter future.[1]

Nayo, Yuffie, and Sonon await the ID counterfeiter.

Before they reached their destination, Nayo was harassed by Don Corneo's lackeys who believed her to be an ideal bridal candidate. She questioned them before Yuffie and Sonon sent them running. She described Wall Market and Corneo to the ninjas, referring to the lackeys as "talent scout" who lead unsuspecting girls back to the don's mansion to be brides. As they awaited the ID counterfeiter's arrival at the municipal storage depot, Nayo apprised Yuffie and Sonon about their former ID counterfeiter who joined the splinter cell and that the tattooed man in black robes were failed SOLDIER candidates and victims of Shinra suffering mako poisoning. The ninjas received their counterfeited interplate IDs.[1] Before returning to town, Nayo read Zhijie's note to Yuffie and Sonon about a change of plans and urged they hurry to meet him at the pillar. The three watched as Zhijie was accosted by Shinra Public Security Forces. Zhijie sprinted off after distracting them, prompting Nayo to return to base and update the others while the ninjas tailed him.[2]

A safe Nayo gives encouraging words to Yuffie and Sonon.

Nayo safely escaped Shinra's ransacking of Avalanche HQ's base at the Sector 7 Clinic and headed for the station with her colleagues. She appeared behind Yuffie and Sonon at the train station, shushing them and apologizing on Avalanche HQ's behalf for not giving them a proper send-off, but affirmed they were rooting for them. Nayo then boarded the train out of the Sector 7 slums, escaping its upcoming destruction.[3]



Nayo is a young woman with a slim build. She has fair skin, short dark brown hair, and brown eyes behind a pair of glasses. She wears a navy blue jacket with straps over a black dress shirt paired with a maroon tie. She wears a gold-buckled brown leather belt, a short maroon dress with cargo pockets, black stockings that extend just above her knees, and tall brown-laced boots.


Nayo is a kind and intelligent woman. She has great insight and knowledge on Midgar, knowing much about the upper plates, the slums, Shinra, Corneo, and those with mako poisoning. She enjoys living in the slums, assuring Yuffie it takes some getting used to and suggesting she give it a chance.[1]

Nayo is close with her Avalanche HQ colleagues, sharing a mutual dislike toward Shinra and hoping to bring down the company nonviolently. She stands by their convictions, believing they're creating a better future for Midgar and deeming the splinter cell's bombings as unjustified. Nayo befriends Yuffie during her mission, who speaks positively of her and they frequently show a concern for each others' well-being.[1][4] Before leaving the slums, Nayo apologizes to Yuffie and Sonon for the lack of a proper send-off and offers them encouraging words.[3]