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Nayaga the Taken is non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is a minor antagonist who appears in Warrior questline during the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion.


Nayaga is one of those who was consumed by the will of Karash and was exiled from the Qerel clan. Eventually Nayaga became the leader of Chaghan, a group of exiles who believe that the blind rage of their inner beasts is a gift from their goddess, the Dusk Mother.

The Chaghan attack the settlement of the Qerel clan and draw Dorgono's wrath. When the Chaghan take their course to attack Mol Iloh, they are intercepted by Dorgono, Curious Gorge and the Warrior of Light. Nayaga uses his complete control over the will of Karash but in the end he is defeated by Dorgono's party.


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Nayaga the Taken is faced during the special instance in the Warrior quest level 70 The Heart of the Problem The Heart of the Problem.