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Angler whose illustrious exploits are more than mere fish tales. No danger is too great, no nook too small for the adventurous angler.

Navyth Arlund is a fisherman in Final Fantasy XV. He gives Noctis Lucis Caelum fishing sidequests, whose completion yields new fishing gear. He is the uncle of Coctura Arlund, the chef of Mother of Pearl restaurant in Galdin Quay famous for its seafood.


Famous fisherman who wanders the world in search of whoppers. The thought of living a conventional lifestyle is anathema to Navyth, who instead prefers the comfort of the outdoors and the company of fellow fishing-lovers. Friendly by nature, he seeks out aspiring anglers and offers them his sage advice. Navyth is also an avid weightlifter, training daily to build muscles that will help him haul in his next big catch.
Navyth's time spent around the watering holes of Lucis has taught him all there is to know about aquatic creatures and their respective habitats. The breadth of his knowledge of the natural world surpasses even that of most hunters. Navyth is also one of the few fishermen to have seen a daemonfish with his own eyes. He spent many years traveling the continent with his niece Coctura when she was a little girl. Once she entered cooking school, however, he worried he would embarrass her and opted to let his "little sunflower" bloom on her own. While the two have not spoken in years, he still wishes her well and thinks of her always.



Navyth is a middle aged man who wears a cap, a blue shirt, a red button up vest and a teal pendant crafted years ago by his niece, Coctura. He is tanned from spending his time out fishing.


Fishing is Nayth's life's passion and he dedicates his time to it. He takes an instant liking to those who share his love of fishing, and is eager to instruct the "next generation" of anglers to reach their potential. Working alone, Navyth is used to solitude despite his openness and friendly disposition to towards those who share his craft.


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Navyth has always been "fish-crazed" and his passion got his niece Coctura interested in seafood, teaching the girl to gut and prepare fish. Though the two fell out after Coctura entered culinary school, Navyth still sports the "protective" pendant she had made for him.

Navyth is out fishing at the Alstor Slough when he unknowingly meets Prince Noctis and his retinue. After learning that Noctis is a keen fisherman, Navyth decides to test his skill by asking for Noctis to catch a particular fish from the slough. Impressed by the prince's catch, Navyth gives him one of his rare lures. Noctis comes across Navyth again during his travels, who tasks him with catching increasingly difficult fish. Navyth comes to respect this new master fisherman, and after Noctis catches a colossal grouper he lends him a fishing rod and asks for his name. Noctis quickly lies and says it is "Noct Gar". Later on, during the threat of the Adamantoise, Navyth learns "Noct Gar" is really Noctis Lucis Caelum, the King of Lucis. However, he keeps this information a secret.

After the long night sets in, Navyth settles in Lestallum, a rare moment for him to abandon the lakeside. He gains a newfound respect for the Hunters, whom he assists and gains their admiration in return.

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Navyth moves to various water sides depending on the last mission completed. His missions are fishing missions, that reward the player with EXP and fishing items. The fish Navyth requests for can be caught from the fishing spot at which the quest is given, but the player can also catch the fish elsewhere if they wish. If the player has already caught the requested fish, it can be presented to Navyth to complete the quest immediately after accepting it.

Fishing Buddies[]

Fishing BuddiesDuscae Alstor SloughReach Chapter 031,500 EXP, Knife T. Tonberry x1

The first fishing quest requires Noctis to catch a Crag Barramundi. Fishing buddies quest is located by the Alstor Slough, next to the marshy waters north from the Wiz Chocobo Post, south from the Coernix Station - Alstor, in Duscae, at the fishing spot called Neeglyss Pond.

The Crag Barramundi will appear as a yellow dot on the fish radar. The following lures are especially suitable: Sweet Jamming: Custard, Tidal Might Leviathan, Bomber: Ice Bomb, Ranker Tonberry.

For completing the quest the player will get 1,500 EXP, a Knife T. Tonberry lure. Catching the fish yields the Grilled Wild Barramundi recipe (+80 attack and magic, +500 health).

Fishing Naturally[]

Fishing, NaturallyCleigneComplete "Fishing Buddies"2,000 EXP, Butterfly Edge x1

Noctis must catch a Cherrycomb Trout. Navyth is located west from Lestallum; following the road to the west, the player will cross the river. Navyth will be fishing near in the vicinity of the Mynbrum Haven campground at the fishing spot called River Wennath.

Cherrycomb Trout will appear as a yellow dot on the radar. Suitable lures include: Whiskers: Crystal, and Knife T. Tonberry.

For completing the quest the player will get 2,000 EXP and the Butterfly Edge (150 defense) rod.

Navyth's Challenge[]


Noctis must catch the rare fish Vesper Gar. Navyth is found at the Vesperpool, in the northwestern part of the map at The Vesperpool - West Bank. Vesper Gar has a long, thin body, and is marked with a blue mark on the radar. After casting the line the player should pay attention to the fish below the surface and look for the Vesper Gar. Suitable lures include: Stinker: Malboro, Stinker: Malbodoom, and Ranker Tonberry.

For completing the quest the player will get 3,000 EXP and the Invincible Iron Giant lure that sinks when reeled in and floats when tension is released.

Angler's Nightmare[]

Angler's NightmareGaldin QuayComplete "Navyth's Challenge"5,000 EXP, Tranquility x1

The quest completed.

Navyth's last quest at Vannath Coast has Noctis catch the "Devil of the Cygillan" (Murk Grouper). Navyth is found on the beach. It is best to be at least level 7 in fishing, but it is possible to complete the quest at a lower level. The fish won't be visible on the radar until Noctis's fishing level is 10, but it can be found on the spot nearest to Navyth during daytime by casting the line to the middle of the fishing area, or a little to the right. If the player spots a giant fishing lurking under the surface, they have found it.

Suitable lures are the ones that sink, but an especially good fit is the Burrower: Abyss Worm. It will be a tough battle to reel in the fish, as it will struggle a lot (water is splashing and the controller vibrates). The player must not reel when the fish struggles, but there might only be short windows for reeling as the fish fights back most of the time. Tapping the reel button tends to work better than holding against fish that struggle a lot. Because the fish is so big, it wears down the line fast, and thus the player needs good technique and equipment to catch the fish.

Completing the quest yields 5000 EXP along with the Tranquility rod (290 defense).