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Nasha is a playable character of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Known as the Lost Holy Knight, she serves as a member of Fortem under Prince Sterne Leonis.



Nasha is a young woman with light pink hair tied into a ponytail on the right side and grey eyes. She wears a blue, black and red outfit with sliver armor and red and black boots and wears a purple headband with white flowers.


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Early life[]

Out of her love for Prince Sterne of Leonis, she rejected the marriage arranged by her parents and left her village home behind. During the enlistment test for «Fortem», the division led by Sterne, she headed towards a skeletons' den; but, having no sense of direction, she got hopelessly lost in the caverns.

The Admirable Prince[]

Ep. 3: Duty I[]

After defeating the bombs, the duo travel to Leonis and arrive at Leonis Castle. Yerma is surprised by how colossal the castle is. She then asks Etre where the handsome prince is. Etre says Sterne has duties to the crown so she doesn't think he'd be hanging out where they are, to which Yerma agrees and laughs. An angry Lilyth descends down the steps and asks who they are. Etre whispers to Yerma that Lilyth doesn't seem very friendly, while Yerma confirms it. Yerma says that just because Lilyth is in a bad mood, that doesn't mean she has to take it out on them.

Lilyth inches closer to the duo and tells them she can hear them whispering. The duo are shocked and Yerma apologizes to Lilyth. Lilyth smiles and introduces herself, telling them to forgive her as things are hectic at the moment. Lilyth says that Fennes's soldiers are near their border so she's quite pressed with dealing with them. Yerma asks what a Fennes is, with Lilyth curious that she doesn't know. Lilyth mentions that Fennes is the country neighboring Leonis to the northeast, stating further that it's full of savages and is led by a monster named Muraga. She then goes on to say that Fennes usually comes raging into Leonis territory time and time again. Etre confirms that it sounds like a pain. After explaining Fennes, Lilyth asks the duo to state their purpose and to be prompt with it. Etre introduces herself and Yerma, while Yerma states their purpose is to enlist in Fortem.

Lilyth is surprised that they want to enlist in Fortem, while a panicked Etre whispers to Yerma that she was awfully blunt and sudden about it. An aggressive Yerma states that it's fine as they will be able to meet with Prince Sterne by doing this. Lilyth smiles at the notion that they're after Sterne, while stating that for someone who likes to whisper, they sure don't mind being overheard, stating it's her specialty as one of the common folk. Yerma asks if Lilyth will accept them into Fortem. Lilyth states that three days ago, another person tried to join Fortem and says that if she's not mistaken, that girl was a paladin. She then mentions that she gave the paladin the enlistment exam and ordered her to clear out a nearby cave full of skeletons. Lilyth laughs and states that the paladin hasn't come back since and that she may have been eaten up. An uncertain Etre is at a loss for words, while Lilyth asks them what they would like to do.

Lilyth gives Etre and Yerma the choice of vanquishing skeletons in a cave or running home with their tails between their legs. Yerma and Etre turn away from Lilyth and deduce what they intend to do. Yerma states that fighting the skeletons will be an easy victory for them. Lilyth notices their determination at the task, with Yerma aggressively telling Etre that they should go now. An uncertain Etre agrees to go with her.

Ep. 5: So-Called Strongest Paladin[]

Etre and Yerma finds themselves in a dark cave with many crystals. A young woman approaches them and asks who's there. Etre runs away scared while Yerma states it's just another human. The young woman says they scared her as she didn't think she'd be meeting any other humans in the cave. Yerma asks her if she's a paladin, while the young woman confirms it. Etre asks if she's the person that Lilyth ordered to rout the skeletons, while the young woman is surprised that the duo know about her intentions. Etre asks once more if she's the recruit that got eaten by the skeletons, while the young woman states that she obviously has not been eaten. Yerma tells her that when they asked to join Fortem, they were sent to the cave too.

The young woman introduces herself as Nasha and asks who the duo are. Etre introduces herself and Yerma, and Yerma tells her it's nice to meet her. Nasha then promptly excuses herself, with Yerma aggressively asking her to hold for a minute. Etre mentions that if Nasha was here to take out the skeletons, then they could work together on routing them all. Nasha apologizes but says that she fights alone. Yerma continues to tell her to wait, saying the skeletons in the cave are quite strong, going on to mention that Nasha could lose her life if she isn't careful. Nasha says she won't die, with a confused Etre wondering what she means. Nasha says there's no way she can die until she marries Sterne. The duo remain silent.

A shocked Nasha asked if this makes thems rivals. Etre confirms Nasha's suspicion while Nasha states that they should fight fair and square. The duo remain silent again while Nasha states that they should go rout the skeletons as they're just currently wasting their time standing around. Etre says she's not familiar with fighting but asks if paladins cut through the vanguards to further an army's advancement, to which Yerma confirms. Nasha mentions she has a poor sense of direction and giggles. Etre is shocked by Nasha's claim and Yerma immediately asks if Nasha's been wandering near the entrance of the cave for the past three days. A bewildered Nasha asks what the big deal is and says that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Etre then says she'll take the lead and asks if Nasha's okay with it, seeing as how Etre has a strong sense of smell. Etre goes on to sniff and says she smells monsters, while Yerma states that they should definitely go in that direction.

After using Etre's sense of smell to find the skeletons, the trio defeat the skeleton boss, with Yerma mentioning their task is complete. An excited Etre tells the two that they should go back to Leonis Castle.

Ep. 7: To the Border I[]

The trio make their way back to Leonis Castle, tired and elated that they've passed the enlistment exam. Nasha dreamily thinks about seeing Sterne's face. Yerma remains silent as Etre and Nasha ask if something's wrong. Yerma says she's concerned with whether or not they'll actually be allowed to join Fortem. Nasha says she gets it and mentions that Lilyth didn't seem like a very nice person. Yerma mentions that although they managed to rout the skeletons, they could still be deemed ineligible. A shocked Nasha exclaims that it's like working without pay and states that Leonis seems to be an exploitative kingdom.

Etre asks what they must do, with Yerma stating that they'll need to achieve something greater to catch Lilyth off guard. Nasha wonders what there is to do, with Etre stating that Lilyth mentioned earlier that Fennes's soldiers have been appearing more and more at the border and that Lilyth has been quite pressed with dealing with them. Nasha asks who's been peeking in, with Yerma stating how it is understandable that a person like Nasha with no sense of direction wouldn't even know about them. Yerma tells Nasha what Lilyth told them about Fennes. Nasha deduces that they would need to give the Fennes troops a thorough beating until they're all wiped out. Yerma then confirms it and says that Sterne would then have to give them his attention, no matter how much Lilyth objects to it.

A shocked Nasha exclaims that one of the trio could potentially become a bridal prospect for Sterne. Yerma says Nasha is jumping to conclusions while a dreamy Nasha doesn't deny that it's impossible. An excited Etre wonders about what she should do. Yerma asks if they should go to the border while the other two agree, with the trio hurriedly leaving Leonis Castle for the border.

Ep. 10: Prince Mont[]

En route to the border with Fennes, the trio find themselves in a grass area with a waterfall, surrounded by fallen Fennes troops. Nasha asks if they're near the border, with Etre and Yerma wondering the same thing. Nasha asks what's up, with Yerma wondering who are the people they've been beating up. Etre confirms that it must have been Fennes soldiers. With Nasha confirming that it may be so. The trio deduce that they must be at the border with Fennes. A bewildered Nasha asks if they're about to meet with the chief of Fennes. Mont approaches the trio and asks who they are. Etre takes a sniff and notes that the smell is noble. Nasha wonders if Mont is the chief of Fennes. Yerma wonder why Nasha is walking towards Mont's side. Nasha says that Etre and Yerma are enemies of Fennes, asking Mont to fight them alongside her. A shocked Etre asks if Nasha is double-crossing them. Mont asks Nasha to wait a moment, introducing himself as the crown prince of Leonis. Nasha is shocked as Etre and Yerma rush to their side, with Yerma wondering who Sterne is if Mont is the crown prince. Mont says he and Sterne are twins, with Nasha shocked to hear it. Yerma wonders what kind of place Leonis must be as it's swarming with an abundance of handsome men. Etre asks Mont why he's out in such a remote area, with Mont saying he's there to drive back the Fennes soldiers near the border. Yerma concludes that they must really be at the border then. Mont takes notice that a lot of Fennes soldiers have already been defeated, asking if the trio dealt with all of them. Etre confirms that they did, with Mont asking them why they would.

Yerma and the duo explain to Mont their motivation for defeating the Fennes soldiers. Mont deduces that it must have been an order from Lilyth. Etre says they'll do whatever they can to join Fortem. Yerma says that if they get the credit for defeating the Fennes soldiers, they might be able to achieve their dream. Mont realizes that why they were out there by the border, going on to say that he will talk to Sterne about what he can do. A dreamy Nasha asks Mont if he would really do that, with Mont saying that if the three of them are this capable, it would only prove beneficial for Leonis. Etre is elated, while Mont asks if they can all go back to the castle together. The three accompany Mont back to Leonis Castle.

Upon their arrival at Leonis Castle, Mont is greeted back by Lilyth. She asks why he's being accompanied by the trio. She laughs it off and wonders if Mont had to save them as they were running away from the cave. The trio are at odds with Lilyth's comments. Mont explains the situation to Lilyth.

Lilyth is shocked as Mont tells her they took care of the Fennes soldiers. Nasha says the mean lady's era is over while Etre and Yerma are glad to be vindicated. Lilyth asks who they're calling mean. Sterne arrives and asks what all the clamoring's about. Nasha says another handsome one has arrived, with Yerma shocked at his arrival and Etre calling for Sterne. Yerma notes from seeing Sterne that his aura is intense and he is definitely incredibly strong and handsome. Mont tells Sterne that the trio want to join Fortem. Sterne remains silent and asks Mont what he thinks. Mont says the trio single-handedly routed the Fennes threat by the border. Lilyth says it was pure luck while Mont confirms it might be the case. However, Mont thinks they show promise. With Mont's judgment, Sterne allows them to enlist. Lilyth is aghast at Sterne's decision, while the trio are elated at their efforts. Lilyth says that if they enlisted, they would call it quits before long.


Out of her love for Prince Sterne of Leonis, she rejected the marriage arranged by her parents and left her village home behind. During the enlistment test for «Fortem», the division led by Sterne, she headed towards a skeletons' den; but, having no sense of direction, she got hopelessly lost in the caverns.

Character description

Nasha is an MR-rarity unit of the Ice element whose main job is Paladin, while her sub jobs are White Mage and Dragoon. She can equip the following items: Sword, Shield, Helm, Armor, Accessory. Her unit cost is 50.

Her Master Ability increases her Max HP by 25%. She has no limit burst.

Nasha's sword, which bears a beautiful crimson design upon the blade. When she decided to depart her home village, her parents entrusted her with this family heirloom. Though she wants to use a longsword like Sterne, she lacks the physical strength, and so reluctantly continues to use this one.

Guiding Blade description

Her Trust Master Reward is the Guiding Blade weapon which bestows HP +68, ATK +104, ACC+ 12 and Normal Attack (Immobilize) Granted.

Vision cards[]

Admirers' Rivalry

Admirers' Rivalry.

"I wonder if Lord Sterne will accept my chocolate..."
"What's wrong, Etre? Your hand is stopped. Nasha is already almost finished. I'll be finished pretty soon here, too."
"Hm? You're done with that? Yerma, what...what are you making?"
"It's obviously chocolate, is it not?"
"Uh, really? Wow... It smells intense... You sure something didn't go wrong here, Yerma?"
"Intense is right. This isn't just chocolate; it's a soup full of delicious ingredients. When Lord Sterne drinks this he'll surely... Hehehe."
"More like his life will be in danger if he drinks this! We have to stop her, Nasha!"
"Oh Lord Sterne, please no! My little heart is unprepared...!"
"Alright that's enough daydreaming everyone!"

Vision card description

Admirers' Rivalry is an MR-rarity vision card with a cost of 50. At Lv. 70, its stats are HP +268, ATK +92 and MAG +68. Its Party Abilities are DEF Debuff Res Up 30 and Earth Unit All Debuff Res Up 15. Its Bestowed Effects are Earth Eater Up 20 and DEX Down 10%. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.

A Mighty Obstacle

A Mighty Obstacle.

"...Don't let it get you down, Etre. All three of us together, we're honestly more than a match for Lilyth. But the mock battle ended in us getting a thorough hiding. I've been wondering how it happened, but I'm starting to think that her strength lies in her powerful resolve—to wage her life and fight as Lord Mont's sword."
"The day will come when Lord Sterne needs us, and we will have to put our very lives on the line for him. I'm going to find the strength and resolve to do that. Lilyth may be a mighty obstacle, but we can't let that stop us, right?"
"Thanks for cheering me up. I'm going to get stronger, too. And once we take down Lilyth, I'll marry Lord Sterne!"
"Hehe, that's the spirit. May the best girl win!"

Vision card description

A Mighty Obstacle is an MR-rarity vision card with a cost of 50. At Lv. 70, its stats are HP +355, ATK +75 and MAG +42. Its Party Abilities are Ice Unit Wind Attack Res Up 15, Ice Unit Unit Attack Res Up 8 and Ice Unit Wind Eater Up 20. Its Limited Bestowed Effect is DEF Up 15 for Ice units only. It was illustrated by SQUARE ENIX.


Etre, Nasha and Yerma drink served at Square Enix Cafe.

Square Enix Cafe sells a drink inspired by Etre, Nasha and Yerma's adoration for Sterne, which is comprised of a pink drink served with a heart.