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The Narshe Mines refers to two dungeons in Final Fantasy VI, located in Narshe. The moogles' home and the frozen esper Valigarmanda are found deep within the caves.

Story Edit

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FFVI PC Valigarmanda

Terra meets Valigarmanda in the mines.

The Gestahlian Empire sends in a force consisting of Biggs, Wedge, and Terra to capture the esper recently discovered in a new mineshaft. After fighting their way through the Narshe guards they find the object of their search. The esper resonates with Terra, killing off Biggs and Wedge and destroying the Slave Crown that was robbing Terra of her free will.


Moogles and Locke find the injured Terra.

Arvis recovers Terra, but she is pursued by Narshe Guards. Terra flees into the mines and loses consciousness when a floor collapses. Arvis sends Locke to rescue her, and with moogles' help he fends off the guards and escapes via a secret entrance outside of town. Terra uses the same entrance to sneak back into town later with Edgar and Banon.

The moogle Mog can be recruited in the mines in the World of Ruin.

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Locations Edit

FFVI PC Narshe Umaro Lurking

Inner mines entrance (PC)

The inner mines are accessed north of the main town, and is where the frozen esper Valigarmanda is found at the beginning of the game. This passage leads up to the snowfields above the town where the Returners battle an Imperial force led by Kefka. The frozen esper is relocated to a bluff just past the snowfields after the game's introductory sequence, and remains there for the rest of the game or when the player returns and defeats the esper in the World of Ruin.

FFVI PC Moogle Home

Moogle Cave

The outer mines lead from just outside the entrance of town to the back door of Arvis's home. The outer mines house a Moogle Cave and a "Security Checkpoint" room. The Moogle Cave is home to the Ten Moogles and Mog.

Defeating Valigarmanda opens a new path leading to the Yeti's Cave where Umaro can be recruited. The Yeti's Cave is located above the inner mines and has an exit shaft where Umaro can be seen lurking during the World of Balance.

Quests Edit

Raid on Narshe Mines Edit

Last part of the Raid on Narshe happens in a new Narshe Mine shaft. The Imperial soldiers enter the inner Narshe Mines where they face Narshe's trump card, the Ymir. Once having defeated the beast, the team approaches the frozen esper that reacts to Terra's presence and starts flashing. Biggs and Wedge are presumably killed, while Terra—reacting differently to the esper—is knocked unconscious and rescued by Arvis.

Battle to Protect Terra Edit

This battle is a minigame where the player can control and position three parties. The parties include Locke, Mog and the Ten Moogles.

Other units start from the bottom and approach Terra at the top. Regular encounters are against a Silver Lobo and a Megalodoth. A single stronger unit is the Guard Leader alongside two Silver Lobo enemies.

Security checkpoint room Edit

FFVI PC Security Checkpoint Room

Introduction (PC)

The goal of the security checkpoint is to follow a glowing light to the other side of the room. The room is first introduced during the Banon, Edgar and Terra scenario, when the player has to traverse the mines in order to reach Arvis. After the scenarios, the security checkpoint will continue to be available for the duration of the World of Balance.

Narshe Checkpoint

The route through the checkpoint room.

The game updates an internal score counter in order to determine what path the party takes. The correct path has been painted red to the picture and the party must follow the path exactly to proceed. If the player strays, lights will surround the party when passing through a tile painted green. The surround consists of seven blue sparkles and one orange sparkle rotating around the character. When the player taps the Action button facing the orange sparkle, the field will disperse and allow the party to continue walking. Tagging one of the blue sparkles will trigger a random enemy encounter; after which the party is teleported back down to the entrance with the score reset. The enemies encountered are unique and can appear on the Veldt, but do not have bestiary entries.

The security check is only designed to work one-way; from down to up, but the party can still pass through in reverse by shattering the light or by triggering one random encounter. In the World of Ruin, the room is still available, but without the security checkpoint.

Recruiting Mog Edit

In the World of Ruin, Mog can be found in the moogle cave in the depths of the Narshe's mines and finding him will prompt him to join or rejoin the party depending on the action the party took in the World of Balance.

Recruiting Mog in the mobile/Steam version earns the "Fast Friends, Kupo!" achievement.

Recruiting Umaro Edit

Umaro can be recruited in the Yeti's Cave which can be accessed after defeating Valigarmanda in the World of Ruin.

Items Edit

Only the outer mines have treasure chests, the inner mines do not. Yeti's Cave treasures have been listed in its own article.

Enemies Edit

World of Balance
World of Ruin
  • Outer mines
    • Magna Roader (Yellow) x2, Magna Roader (Brown)
    • Magna Roader (Yellow), Magna Roader (Brown) x2
  • Inner mines

Musical themes Edit

"The Mines of Narshe" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - The Mines of Narshe

The Narshe Mines have its eponymous theme as a background theme. "Mog's Theme" plays in the moogle base. In the World of Ruin, the theme is replaced with "Dark World", as with the rest of Narshe.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

The Narshe Mines (北の炭坑 (Name used in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.), Kita no Tankō?) are the setting of two regular dungeons and were later revisited in the Challenge Events Legendary Plunder and A Fateful Coin Toss.

North Mines Edit

FFRK North Mines FFVI

Painting image.

In a world where magic faded long ago, the Empire has found a girl born with magical abilities. Her encounter with an icebound esper sets in motion a chain of events that will change everything.


North Mines is unlocked by completing Baron Castle in the Final Fantasy IV realm and North Mountain in the Final Fantasy V realm. Completion of this dungeon unlocks Abandoned Mineshaft in the Final Fantasy VI realm.

Classic Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
Completion Reward Gil 700
Mastery Reward Lesser Black Orb 5
Stamina Shard 1
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 1
Elite Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
Completion Reward Gil 3,500
Mastery Reward Greater White Orb 3
Stamina Shard 1
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 2

Abandoned Mineshaft Edit

FFRK Abandoned Mineshaft FFVI

Painting image.

Freed from the Empire's hold on her mind, Terra flees Imperial guards and seeks refuge in the mines.


Abandoned Mineshaft is unlocked by completing North Mines in the Final Fantasy VI realm. Completion of this dungeon unlocks Figaro Castle in the Final Fantasy VI realm.

Classic Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
Completion Reward Gil 700
Mastery Reward Chopper (XII) 1
Stamina Shard 1
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 1
Elite Rewards
Completion Type Item Quantity
Completion Reward Gil 3,500
Mastery Reward Greater Black Orb 5
Stamina Shard 1
First Time Completion Mythril 1
Stamina Shard 2

Gallery Edit

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