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Narshe is a neutral city. We want no war here, but that @#$% Empire won't listen!

Narshe resident

Narshe, also known as Narche, and titled "Colliery City Narshe" (炭坑都市ナルシェ, Tankō Toshi Narushe?) in the Japanese version, is a city in Final Fantasy VI. It is a coal mining town at the northern edge of the world, governed by the Elder of Narshe. The town is one of the game's most important locations—it is where the player party makes their base of operations before they have an airship, and several storyline events, including the beginning, take place here. Situated in the mountains and affected by snowy conditions, Narshe resists invasion attempts by the Gestahlian Empire.


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Narshe is situated inside a valley at a high altitude, and experiences a tundra climate with snowfall all year. Coupled with its capable security force, its remote location and unforgiving climate has allowed it to maintain its independence from foreign powers.[1]

199 years ago, the discovery of a large coal vein led to "coal rush" in Narshe, which became industrialized as a result. The town got its first real government around 50 years later, with trade being one of its primary areas of focus. During the expansion of the Gestahlian Empire, Narshe's weapons trade rivaled the size of its coal trade. Narshe signed a non-aggression pact with the Empire some 20 years ago, and declared itself neutral in all matters regarding the Empire's expansion. This treaty would last for 20 years, and Narshe sat out the first two of Emperor Gestahl's wars of conquest.[1]

Arvis commenting on Narshe's policy of neutrality.

In the Third Gestahlian Campaign Narshe strives to maintain its neutrality, though one prominent citizen, Arvis, is secretly allied with the Returners. When the town discovers a frozen esper in a newly dug mineshaft, they attract the Empire's attention; in violation of their treaty with Narshe, they send Terra Branford, Biggs and Wedge to raid the town and seize the esper. While the three easily defeat Narshe's guards, the esper reacts to Terra's presence with a surge of magic, killing Biggs and Wedge and freeing Terra from Imperial control when the Slave Crown she was wearing is disabled.

Terra is rescued from the mines by Arvis, but the guards of Narshe still wish to arrest her as an Imperial soldier. Arvis sends Terra to flee through the mines, and then contacts Locke Cole, a "Treasure Hunter" and contact with the Returners, to aid in her escape. Locke is able to save Terra from the guards with the help of Mog and ten other moogles, but they kill a Narshe guard in the process. The Narsheans close their gates to the Returners, and anyone attempting to enter the town is chased away by armed guards.

The Elder decided to fight against the Empire.

Later, Terra returns to Narshe in the company of Edgar, king of Figaro, and Banon, leader of the Returners. With Arvis they attempt to convince the town to side with the Returners, but the Elder of Narshe is hesitant for fear of provoking further Imperial attacks. Locke arrives with the former Imperial general Celes Chere, and informs the group that an Imperial force led by Kefka Palazzo is already on its way to Narshe to seize the esper by force. The Elder agrees to accept defensive aid from the Returners and the Battle for the Frozen Esper ends with the Returners driving off Kefka and the Imperials. In the aftermath, Terra confronts the frozen esper and transforms into an esper herself, flying away.

While Narshe has not formally aligned itself with the Returners, Banon and his forces remain there to aid in its defense against any further Imperial aggression, while a group of them searches for Terra. After Terra is recovered, Narshe joins the Returners and the group plots an attack on the Imperial capital Vector with the aid of Narshe and Figaro forces. Lacking the manpower for such an endeavor, the Returners ask Terra to go to the gate to the Esper World and enlist their aid. Instead, the espers that emerge from the gateway decimate Vector, and the town is occupied by a coalition of Returners and Narshe soldiers.

The weapon shop owner giving the Ragnarok magicite to the party.

After the cataclysm Narshe is overrun by monsters. It is never directly stated how this happened, though it is possible that Kefka attacked the town with his Light of Judgment. Most of the citizens have fled or been killed, with a few exceptions: Mog has returned to the moogle home within the mines, the adventurer's school is still operational, the weapons shop owner is still in his shop and gives the party the Ragnarok, and another resident sick in bed in another home will hand over the Cursed Shield. Most doors in the town are locked and can only be opened by Locke; the only buildings not locked are the Armor shop, Arvis' house, the Elder's house, and the adventurer's school.

If the party returns to the snowfields above the town, they can thaw the frozen Esper to obtain its magicite, and defeating it opens a secret passage to the Yeti's Cave behind the cliffs of Narshe. Umaro can be recruited into the party here, provided Mog is with them.

Narshe is not shown during the end of the game and if it is repopulated after the defeat of Kefka is unknown. In the SNES version, a lone Narshe guard in Kohlingen pledges to return to Narshe.[2]

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Narshe is built into the foot of a far northern mountain; the environment is chilly and cold, but Narshe is warmed by geothermal heaters; boilers and pipes can be seen throughout the town, as well as vents in the ground that may also serve to distribute heat. On the outskirts of town more houses are built on the cliffs and connected by staircases.

To the north the town of Narshe gives way to a large cliff face, where a mine shaft winds through the mountain and across the cliffs up to the snowfields overlooking the town. A secondary cave system. the Yeti's Cave, is contained in the mountains, but the only apparent entrance is a hole in the cliff that is unreachable.


The houses in the center of town hold various shops; an inn, a weapon shop, armor shop, item shop, and relic shop. On the western edge of the town on a cliff is the Elder's house, and another house sits on a ledge overlooking the relic shop. On the eastern edge of town is Arvis' houses and a storehouse full of treasures belonging to a citizen of the town. A bridge from Arvis' house connects to an abandoned mineshaft that exits to the southern edge of town.

Adventuring School[]

The Adventuring School lies just outside the entrance of town, and hosts classes that teach the player various gameplay concepts. The classrooms are Field Science, Battle Tactics, and Advanced Battle Tactics. Field Science gives general gameplay information, Battle Tactics focuses on the basics of combat, and Advanced Battle Tactics discuss specific aspects of character abilities and spell effects.


There are two mineshafts in Narshe. The southern mine leads from the outskirts of town to deep within the town limits, and connects to Arvis' house via a bridge. The entrance to the mine is concealed in a rockface, and opens with a secret switch. The mines also contain a security checkpoint used to test applicants to the city guard.

The northern mine is only accessible by going through the town itself, and leads to the cliffs above the town. Compared to the southern mine, it is much shorter with a more linear path. A rear area near the entrance to the mines is the initial location of the frozen esper.


The cliffs above the town are a large, snowy field with winding paths through the rockface. At the northern end of the cliffs is a bluff overlooking a valley. It is here the citizens of Narshe move the frozen esper after the imperial raid, and it is on the cliffs that the Battle for the Frozen Esper takes place when the Returners defend the town from a second, larger imperial attack.

In the World of Ruin, the player can have the party leap off the bluff to enter the Yeti's Cave where Umaro lives.



World of Balance[]

Overworld - Plains
Overworld - Forest
  • Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind
  • Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind x2
Imperial raid
Adventuring School

World of Ruin[]

Overworld - Plains
In Town


The shops of Narshe change their inventory after completing the Magitek Research Facility and acquiring the Blackjack.

Before acquiring the Blackjack
Item Price
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Gold Needle 200 gil
Sleeping Bag 500 gil
Tent 1,200 gil
Smoke Bomb 300 gil
After acquiring the Blackjack
Item Price
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Green Cherry 150 gil
Tent 1,200 gil
Flame Scroll 500 gil
Water Scroll 500 gil
Lightning Scroll 500 gil
Before acquiring the Blackjack
Weapon Price
Air Knife 950 gil
Great Sword 800 gil
Mythril Spear 800 gil
Kotetsu 800 gil
Mythril Claw 800 gil
Chain Flail 2,000 gil
Moonring Blade 2,500 gil
After acquiring the Blackjack
Weapon Price
Sakura 3,200 gil
Trident 1,700 gil
Poison Rod 1,500 gil
Morning Star 5,000 gil
Boomerang 4,500 gil
Hawkeye 6,000 gil
Before acquiring the Blackjack
Armor Price
Mythril Shield 1,200 gil
Magus Hat 600 gil
Bandana 900 gil
Iron Helmet 1,000 gil
Silk Robe 600 gil
Iron Armor 700 gil
After acquiring the Blackjack
Armor Price
Golden Shield 2,500 gil
Mythril Helm 2,000 gil
Priest's Miter 3,000 gil
Green Beret 3,000 gil
Tiara 3,000 gil
Golden Helmet 4,000 gil
Mythril Mail 3,500 gil
Power Sash 5,000 gil
Before acquiring the Blackjack
Relic Price
Barrier Ring 500 gil
Mythril Glove 700 gil
Jeweled Ring 1,000 gil
Knight's Code 1,000 gil
Sprint Shoes 1,500 gil
Fairy Ring 1,500 gil
After acquiring the Blackjack
Relic Price
Sniper Eye 3,000 gil
Black Belt 5,000 gil
Earrings 5,000 gil
Reflect Ring 6,000 gil
Hermes Sandals 7,000 gil


The unobtainable Sprint Shoes.

In addition to these treasures, a pair of Sprint Shoes exists in the back of Arvis' house. However, they were misplaced one tile too far to the right, beyond the space the party is able to walk on, making them unobtainable.

Adventuring School
World of Ruin


Raid on Narshe[]

The game opens with an attack on Narshe. The player commands a party of Terra, Biggs, and Wedge, riding Magitek Armor. When they first attempt to go north past the inn, two Guards will attack them. Attempting to take the path east by the inn will cause a guard to sic a Silver Lobo on the trio, but this path cannot be traversed in Magitek Armor. Going further north, the tile directly below the cross shaped form by the grates in the ground will trigger two more battles with Guards and Silver Lobos, but this tile can be walked around to avoid fighting. Further north the player will be attacked by more Guards and Silver Lobos in a pincer attack.

At the entrance to the mines, two guards will attack with two Megalodoths. Once they are defeated, the player can continue north into the mines.

Sneaking into Narshe[]

The second part of Terra's scenario in the Three Scenarios demands the party enter Narshe to speak to Arvis. Attempting to enter town through the front entrance causes the guards to recognize Terra from the imperial raid, and, doubting Edgar's claim he is the King of Figaro Castle, kick the party out. To get into town, the player must walk far to the west and inspect the rock wall, prompting Terra to reveal to Edgar and Banon the secret passage Locke used to sneak her out of town; they can now use it to sneak back in.

Battle for the Frozen Esper[]

Upon completing the Three Scenarios, the three parties automatically gather at Narshe and fight off an imperial attack on the Narshe Cliffs.

Recruiting Mog[]

Mog joins in World of Ruin.

During the third visit to the town the player can find Lone Wolf in the house on the hill on the east side of town. The player must pursue him through the northern mines and onto the cliffs, where he holds Mog hostage. If the player holds still for a few moments after approaching once, Mog will struggle and knock himself and Lone Wolf to opposite sides of the cliff. The player can rescue Mog and recruit him to the party, or can approach Lone Wolf to take the Gold Hairpin he had stolen earlier. If they take the latter option Mog falls and cannot be recruited.

In the World of Ruin, Mog can be found in the moogle cave in the depths of the Narshe's mines and finding him will prompt him to join the party. Mog will join the party even if not recruited in the World of Balance, and he will still be available to join if the player let him fall during the confrontation with Lone Wolf.

The Cursed Shield[]

Obtaining the Cursed Shield.

In the World of Ruin, a man in the basement of the house above the relic shop will give the player the Cursed Shield that inflicts a slew of negative status ailments, stat penalties and elemental weaknesses on the equipped character. If a player fights 256 battles with it the curse will be lifted and it becomes the Paladin's Shield, the best shield in the game.

A fast way to dispel the curse is to fly to Solitary Island and fight the Peepers; since they have innate Sap and only one HP, it will die on its first turn. The players must be careful when fighting in the desert, as a Black Dragon may occasionally show up.


Obtaining the Ragnarok magicite.

In the World of Ruin, the owner of the weapon shop can be found in his back room. He shows the party a glowing stone, the magicite Ragnarok, and offers to melt it down to forge it into a powerful sword. The player's option is a one-time opportunity and they cannot return the magicite later to forge the sword if they take the magicite.

Which item to take is largely a matter of personal preference - the magicite is the only magicite to teach Ultima, the most powerful spell, and the only way to use Metamorphosis to turn enemies into items. The sword meanwhile is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can be bet at Dragon's Neck Coliseum to win an even more powerful weapon, the Lightbringer.

During the final battle, the player can steal a Ragnarok sword from Lady. While this is of minimal use in the Super NES and Playstation versions, in the GBA and later versions the player has the option to save after the final battle. This not only allows the player to keep the Ragnarok, but farm it by fighting the final battle over and over. With this, keeping the Ragnarok as a magicite may be the more appealing option to taking the sword.

Optional bosses[]

In the World of Ruin, the Ice Dragon, one of the eight legendary dragons, prowls the snowfields above town. Beyond it at the bluff, the player can find the frozen esper Valigarmanda and battle it, thawing it to obtain it as a magicite. Defeating Valigarmanda opens a passage to the Yeti's Cave where Umaro lives. Defeating Umaro with Mog in the party will have Umaro join.

Mog's Dance[]

The snowfields above the town are the only location where Mog can learn the Snowman Rondo Dance. Because no random encounters occur here in the World of Balance, Mog cannot learn the Dance until the World of Ruin.



Narshe Town.png


Narshe Town Interiors.png

Musical themes[]

"The Mines of Narshe" from Final Fantasy VI

"The Mines of Narshe" is the track used as the background theme for Narshe, but is replaced by the theme "Dark World" in the World of Ruin.

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The town of Narshe in the background

The town of Narshe appears in the background of the Narshe Outskirts stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Narshe and the surrounding snowcapped mountains appear in the background of the Field Music Sequence for "Terra's Theme" and "Searching for Friends", existing in the World of Balance for "Terra's Theme" and the World of Ruin for "Searching for Friends".

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

The Snowfield Mining Town in the Kolts Region is based on the city of Narshe. As part of the January special events of "Typhon Attacks" and "Deathgaze's Onslaught", four locations from the game were added, including the Snow Fields (which use the same background as the Snow Fields of Narshe).

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Narshe is the setting for two regular dungeons and is also featured in the Challenge Events A Fateful Coin Toss and Back to the Skies. In Assassin in Black Narshe is the name of a "+++" difficulty battle.

Narshe, Part 1[]

FFRK Narshe, Part 1 FFVI.png
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Narshe, Part 2[]

FFRK Narshe, Part 2 FFVI.png
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Other media[]

There are several references to Narshe in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Terra's second alternate outfit is called "Narshean Princess", and in her storyline, which begins in a snowfield, she remarks the snow makes her feel nostalgic. There is also a trade material named "Narshe Ore".

Behind the scenes[]

Narshe was going to have a chocobo stable, situated right next to the Beginner's House. It didn't make the cut for the final version of the game. The inn also appears to have a pub sign right above it.



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