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Tribites in Nargai Cave.

A cool wind blows from inside this cave. An ancient city is said to sleep in its depths.


Nargai Cave (ナルガエ洞穴, Narugae dōketsu?) is a cave location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

It is the site of "Mission 011: Pale Company". Rumors of ghosts in the cave lead Marche to investigate. He then finds a seam and is teleported to the third shrine, where Adrammelech, the Totema of the bangaa, resides. Marche defeats the Totema and the third Crystal shatters. Nargai Cave is also the site of "Mission #058: Royal Ruins", "Mission #078: Water Sigil", and is the spawn location of "Mission #110: Revenge". It can be freed in "Mission #249: Nargai Cave" after "Mission #013: The Bounty".



Cave monster. Stay clear of its teeth that can dish out multiple attacks.


Turf Defense[]

Help Nargai![]

  • Blade Biter
  • Toughskin
  • Coeurl
  • Red Panther