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Mizuta, composer for Final Fantasy XI, is also bass player for The Star Onions.

Naoshi Mizuta (水田 直志, Mizuta Naoshi?) is a Japanese video game composer. Formerly a composer for Capcom, he now works as composer for Square Enix.


Mizuta was born on January 24th, 1972 in Kochi, Japan. He attended Chiba University, pursuing a degree in Law and Economics. After graduation, he joined Capcom, being known as Mizuta "groovy" Naoshi, to compose music for Street Fighter Alpha and Rockman & Forte.

A Square recruitment ad he saw while working for Capcom prompted him to change companies, where he was selected to compose for the music of Parasite Eve II. Afterwards, Mizuta was tasked to compose for Final Fantasy XI, alongside Kumi Tanioka and Nobuo Uematsu, and has since become the main composer for the game.

Mizuta is also a member of the The Star Onions as the bass player.

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