Nao Ikeda

Nao Ikeda.

Nao Ikeda is a character designer for Square Enix. She recently worked on Final Fantasy XIII, having designed all the non-playable characters in that game (except for Serah Farron, Cid Raines and Galenth Dysley), as well as Team Nora (including Snow Villiers). Ikeda has also worked on Dawn of Mana. She left Square Enix on the release of Final Fantasy XIII along with several other staff members, though she is now working as a freelance artist.[1]

Works within the seriesEdit

Game Credit(s)
Final Fantasy XII Support Character Designer
Final Fantasy XIII Support Character Designer
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sub-character and Costume Designer


Ikeda's drawing style is similar to Tetsuya Nomura's. Characters designed by Ikeda often have flashy, eye-catching outfits with pastel colors and odd hair styles. Final Fantasy XIII's Gadot is the perfect example: the sides of his hair are shaved in a pattern of whirls and waves with a huge, flame-like mohawk in a flashy orange crowning the top of his head. Ikeda also always designs accessories for her characters, and often bases them off a special group of persons like a certain kind of sport. The designs for Maqui and Lebreau apply to this "rule".

Ikeda also created Dajh Katzroy as he appears in Final Fantasy XIII. Dajh was originally envisioned as a nine-year-old in the game's preliminary designs, but when Ikeda read the scenario, she got a more childlike impression and wanted to create him younger and as something one would "want to pick up and give him a hug". Ikeda expanded on the detail how Dajh likes chocobos.

She uses different shading than Tetsuya Nomura, making it easy to identify their artwork.



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