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Nananoby is a non-player character from original Final Fantasy XIV. He is one member of the Ashcrown Consortium who appears during the main story.


Nananoby is the leader of Ashcrown Consortium's party who the adventurer and his path companion are sent to help during a negotiation on an Amalj'aa excavation site near Camp Drybone. On the spot, Nananoby says that both the Amalj'aa and the Ixal are about to summon their primals and if they succeed, it would mean the death of all those present in the cave. The adventurer manages to delay the summoning rituals of both tribes, but before convincing them to reopen negotiations with the Ashcrown Consortium, a creature that Nananoby and the sylphs call "Ascian" appears and amazes the remaining Amalj'aa and Ixal. The path companion locates a large bag of crystals forgotten by the beastmen, and thus guarantees the stability of the market for a while.[1]




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