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The Namazu is a race of catfish-like beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. They are a beast tribe focused on Crafting and Gathering.

Notable members[]

  • Gyodo
  • Gyorei
  • Gyoshin
  • Seigetsu the Enlightened


The Namazu are a short, chubby, catfish-like beast tribe native to Othard. Unlike most beastmen races, they are not associated with any known primal (though Namazu worship a fish-like entity known as "the Big One," there is no evidence it has ever been summoned as a primal), though their belief in the kami suggests that they worship Susano and Tsukuyomi.

They have a habit of repeating their affirmations (i.e., "yes, yes") and make squeaking sounds as they walk. Tea is a known intoxicant to the Namazu, making Xaela tea ceremonies difficult for them to perform.

While the Namazu maintain relatively friendly relations towards the Far East, its denizens and the Warrior of Light show indifference if not disdain towards them, primarily due to Gyodo leaving a poor impression on them. During their beast tribe questline, this extends to the Mol, who rented the structures of Dhoro Iloh to the Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven only due to association with the Warrior.

Through Qitari history, the Namazu are known to have existed in the First of the Source's reflections, but became extinct after the Flood of light.

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Namazu (鯰) or Ōnamazu (大鯰) in Japanese mythology is a giant catfish who causes earthquakes. He lives in the mud under the islands of Japan and is guarded by the god Kashima who restrains the catfish with a stone. When Kashima lets his guard fall, Namazu thrashes about, causing violent earthquakes.