Nalbina dungeon

View of Nalbina Dungeons.

Nalbina dungeons

Vaan in Nalbina Dungeons.

Seeq dungeon masters

Seeq dungeon masters.

Relax. It's just a corpse. Jump at every little thing down here and you'll wear yourself out. It's not even a proper dungeon. They just sealed off the bottom level of the fortress. Take a look around. We're not the first they've thrown down here.


The (Nalbina Dungeons, ナルビナ城塞地下牢?, lit. Narubina Jōsai Chikarō) is an unrevisitable location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a large portion of the fortress that dominates the city of Nalbina.


Nalbina Dungeons are the lower portion of the Nalbina Fortress, which has been sealed off and turned into a prison. The Oubliette is a chamber deep beneath the dungeons and is where Captain Basch is kept imprisoned.

The mechanism of the prison is rather unique as each prisoner is placed in cages hanging from certain chambers. In an interrogation, one can simply pull a level and choose which cage to bring forward for the interrogation process. Further down the Oubliette is the cavern leading to the abandoned Barheim Passage.

Sage Knowledge

A great dungeon, created when the Archadian army sealed off the lower levels of Nalbina Fortress. Originally a complex lowtown region. In addition to the usual collection of petty thieves and murderers, its inmates include political dissenters and prisoners of war from the Dalmascan and Nabradian armies, all thrown together without discrimination, separation, or order. An oubliette has been created in the depths of the fortress to hold those prisoners whose cases await judgment before the Court of Archadia.

Sage Knowledge


Nalbina dungeons2

The Forbidden Chest is in this area.

Nalbina Dungeons contains a forbidden chest that, if claimed, prevents the player from obtaining the Zodiac Spear (the game's most powerful weapon) in the Necrohol of Nabudis. The southernmost chest in the Confiscatory where the party reclaim their lost equipment, the treasure that always contains gil, is forbidden. The other two treasures that contain a gambit for self-targeting and a Tourmaline Ring are not forbidden. The player can save their game outside to make sure they can reset if they take the wrong treasure by accident. The concept of forbidden chests was removed in the Zodiac Job System version.

All the treasures in the Stockade are Knots of Rust. The treasure nearest to the Confiscatory in the Black Watch area can have Chromed Leathers. The northernmost treasure in the same area can have a gambit for ally: HP < 60%. The treasure nearest to the exit (where the party follows Judge Gabranth) can have Foe: targeting ally gambit. Mostly the treasures are all Knots of Rust unless they are gil, but there are also a few Motes and an Ether that may pop time to time.



Fran balthier prison

Fran and Balthier in Nalbina Dungeons.

Vaan and his new comrades, Balthier and Fran, must escape the dungeons after being locked in upon being discovered trespassing in the Royal Palace of Rabanastre. Fran, being a viera, senses a way out, but the way deeper into the fortress is blocked off.

A Judge enters the dungeons and the group decides to follow him. They follow the Judge to the bottom of the dungeons where Basch is kept locked in a private cage. The Judge confronts Basch, then leaves. Basch's cage hangs above a "bottomless pit", which is the way out Fran could sense. They cut Basch's cage loose from the ceiling causing the tunnel to collapse on itself and the group to fall through the pit to the Barheim Passage.

Following their escape from the dungeon into Barheim Passage, the Nalbina Dungeons can no longer be accessed.

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Musical Themes

Template:Listen The track that plays in the Nalbina Dungeons is "Nalbina Fortress Underground Prison". The track that plays when Vaan is forced to battle the seeq dungeon masters is called ("The Barbarians", 蛮族?, lit. Banzoku).




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