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Nagxia is a currently unvisitable nation in Final Fantasy XIV, located on the continent of Othard.


Nagxia is located between Yanxia and the Golmore Jungle.

Located south of the One River, the region of Nagxia is known for the heat and humidity of its subtropical climate and almost constant rainfall. The southern reaches of Nagxia are mountainous. The region's dense jungles and swampy ground make for poor farming, and Nagxia has never produced a historically significant nation. However, the jungle has also prevented the empire from ever fully conquering the nation, and long has the Nagxian resistance fought guerilla battles against their occupiers while hidden by the trees.

In former times in Nagxia, the breeding of a particular graceful and noble breed of cat was permitted only to royalty and high priests. Yet it was not only for these traits that it was coveted; legend holds that its blue eyes can discern the aether of all things, including departed souls.

The Ao Dai is a traditional dress in Nagxia, woven with traditional methods from light, billowy silk.

The scimitars wielded by Nagxian cavalry inspired the curved katanas used by samurai of Hingashi.

Hyur, Au Ra, and Roegadyn are three of the races known to live in Nagxia. The Nagxians are made up of several disparate clans, but the clans came together to resist Garlemald.



Due to its swampy ground, thick jungles, and near-constant rain, the poor farming conditions of Nagxia mean that it has always remained a smaller nation and never become historically significant.

Between 25 and 30 years ago Nagxia was invaded by the XIth Imperial Legion of the Garlean Empire, who committed brutal atrocities and slaughtered several towns and villages such as Bunlai. The particularly brutal massacre of Dagluk was denounced by Varis Galvus, and the infantry division that perpetrated it was disbanded, but the incident only fed Nagxia's resentment.

Nagxia fell and was conquered only a few years after its southern neighbor Dalmasca, and came under the control of Noah van Gabranth of the IVth Imperial Legion. The brave Nagxians continued to fight guerilla battles against the Garleans from the jungles. The people of nearby Doma, devastated by the Garlean occupation of their own nation, were regularly sent to do grueling work in Nagxia in retaliation for resistance actions.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Shortly after Doma liberated itself from the Empire, the Nagxian resistance answered the call of Hien Rijin to join an Eastern Alliance with other nations of Othard against Garlemald.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

While the IVth Legion was occupied in Bozja, the Dalmascan and Nagxian resistances performed simultaneous attacks on Garlean-occupied territories. The Dalmascans took back Nalbina Fortress, while the Nagxians took back a port city.

The Nagxian Resistance sent soldiers to aid the Bozjan Resistance in Zadnor, such as Atori Moribe and Kosyu. After the fighting, with the apparent death of Gabranth and the scattering of the IVth Legion, Nagxia found its freedom from Garlemald after nearly 30 years.


  • Bunlai: A remote village in northern Nagxia. Most inhabitants were killed 30 years ago by the Garleans during the invasion of Nagxia.
  • Dagluk: A village in southern Nagxia that was infamously massacred 25 years ago.
  • Castrum Viride: An imperial castra in Nagxia.