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Nagi or Nagi of the Iota Star is an antagonist and later a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a member of the Orders ranking 9th in the organization's hierarchy. She debuts in Season Two during the Crystallis chapter.



Nagi is a small young woman with short red hair. She uses a black and white dress with a black belt with the symbol of the yin and yang. She wears a black mask that resembles a fox.


Nagi admires Hyoh and fights to get praise from him. Much of her obsession with Hyoh stems from her deceased older brother, also named Hyoh, who perished in the Order of Aldore, thus she projects her older sibling into Hyoh, despite the two being different people. She goes to deep lengths to earn his approval, even harming herself if necessary. She can be overconfident, leading her to underestimate her foes.


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Nagi and her brother, Hyoh, fought in the Order of Aldore several years ago. Hyoh didn't make it, but Nagi completed the tournament and was given the title of Iota star.

When Rain joined the Orders under the name "Hyoh", Nagi projected her brother's image onto him and decided to help him however he saw fit. When he asked her to wear his suit of armor so he could join Lasswell's group for a bit, she complied and ended up bedridden for several days.

Not long after Hyoh was promoted to the rank of Gamma Star, Nagi was tasked with kidnapping King Yasha from Gungan. She tried to taunt Lasswell for Rain choosing them but grew angry at Lasswell's rebuttal. She ended up retreating promising to bring Hyoh with her to kill them.

She was distraught after learning of the emperor's true intentions in Rubiena. She chose to attack Raegan's group in hopes of getting killed. Sieghard ended up adopting her into his family after a fight and learning that she had a brother.

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Nagi is the boss of the Crystallis power plant. She can negate physical attacks from her opponents for several turns and paralyze them. She commonly uses wind magic to attack.


Nagi is not a particularly difficult foe as her buffs are basic and her attacks are not outstanding. It is best to avoid using the water element against her and to dispel her physical evasion debuff and augment one's own defenses (especially Wind resistance).