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This smooth operator with a stunning smile shows up unannounced and unexpected, then disappears just as suddenly. He operates as liaison between Class Zero and other departments around Akademeia, but his position does not excuse him from his duties as a cadet, and he always shows up sooner or later on large-scale missions.

Naghi Minatsuchi is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Type-0. He is a Class Ninth Agito Cadet at Akademeia and is frequently found in Akademeia's Operations Room.



Naghi is a member of Class Ninth, which provides intelligence within Akademeia, thus wearing the black and gold Akademeia uniform and the brown Class Ninth cape. According to the Rubicus, Naghi is 19 years old and 178cm tall. He has blond hair swept back and kept in place by a bandanna the same color as his cape. According to concept art (see gallery), he wields an elaborate switchblade.


He is a self-proclaimed idol with an aloof personality. Naghi believes himself to be popular, though is somewhat astonished when Nine and Deuce reveal that the members of Class Zero have never heard of him. He works from the sidelines, being support-oriented rather than an active combat member, able to remain calm in the face of disaster and think practically. He is loyal to those he considers friends, as he places his bond with Class Zero above the orders he receives from the Akademeia top brass.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Ice Reaper[]

Miwa gives a bandana to Naghi.

Naghi is a member of Class Ninth, a newly formed class specialized in spying, collecting information, and assassination. He is assigned to guide the Four Champions of Rubrum in a mission to assassinate Imperial Marshall Cid Aulstyne. Miwa, one of the four Champions from Class Fourth, gives him a bandanna to cover his head from snow.

Final Fantasy Agito[]

Naghi's icon.

Naghi can be found in the Entrance during the afternoon and evening.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

During Capital Liberation Naghi contacts Class Zero over the COMM, introducing himself as a member of dominion intel. He informs the cadets of the part of the crystal jammer housed in an imperial airship, and directs the cadets to the Airship Landing to board it. Once inside the ship Naghi instructs the cadets to use Magicite to blow up the crystal jammer and to get out before the ship crashlands.

Naghi introduces himself.

When Naghi introduces himself to Nine and Deuce in person, the former is annoyed, and the latter puzzled by his conduct. The cadets of Class Zero later run into Naghi in an imperial disguise in Rokol ready to aid them to sneak into Militesi territory on a salvaged magitek armor. Naghi rides the MA to the factory and talks the guards into letting them in. Once inside, he leaves the cadets and teleports away, wishing them good luck on their mission.

Naghi keeps aiding the Class Zero cadets from afar by opening them doors to get deeper into the facility while staying in touch via a COMM. When the cadets are about to face off against Brionac he leaves, telling them there is nothing more he can do for help. If the cadets do a Code Crimson mission to sabotage the Frosti Depot instead, Naghi accompanies them and informs the cadets of the newly wrought armistice after Trey fells a Militesi sniper.

Aa ceasefire is called as the Queen Andoria of the Kingdom of Concordia invokes the Fabula Pact. She is assassinated during the ensuing peace negotiations and the blame is placed on Class Zero, who escape the imperial capital with their lives. After they are rescued by a relief effort organized by their commanding officer Kurasame Susaya, Naghi meets with a cadet in the library and complains none of his classmates believe in the cactuar sightings around Akademeia. He asks Class Zero to bring him proof.

Naghi brings news to Class Zero.

The new King of Concordia allies with Cid Aulstyne of the empire, and the dominion is to wage war on two fronts. As Class Zero is about to be sent to the eastern front to battle the Concordian wyverns, Naghi meets them at the airship landing with orders that some of the cadets are to be sent to the western front as reinforcements to battle the empire. Naghi himself is being sent to the eastern front, and ponders if they will see each other there.

The Azure Dragon Primus l'Cie Soryu crystallizes the clouds with its breath attack that annihilates the dominion's Eidolons. The cadets traverse the cloud terrain to battle the Concordian Dracoknights and the monsters they command. Naghi provides intel to Class Zero, and when he is attacked by Shinryu Celestia the cadets arrive to save him. The cadets enter a draining battle against Celestia and after they emerge victorious, Naghi arrives with an airship to pick them up.

Naghi tells Class Zero that he is assigned to spy on them.

After the dominion repels the invasion on both borders, Naghi is asked by the dominion intel to join Class Zero to spy on them. Donning his new red cape Naghi meets the cadets outside their classroom and explains he has been assigned to report on them. The others are baffled, but Naghi explains he doesn't want to hide anything because he considers Class Zero his friends.

He asks Class Zero to deliver a set of eyeballs the intel team had recovered to Kazusa Futahito. It turns out these are Kurasame's, who had perished when giving up his life force for Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna to summon the Verboten Eidolon Alexander to secure victory on the western front. After the cadets heed his request Naghi tasks them with recovering Kurasame's Knowing Tag from the battlefield.

Naghi in the Operations Room.

When Tempus Finis commences, Naghi is one of the students managing the Operation Room after most of Akademeia's officials have disappeared. The Operations Room has been forced to temporarily assume control of Rubrum's forces. When the last of Rubrum's forces are apparently wiped out, Naghi asks Class Zero not to endanger themselves by attempting to stop Cid Aulstyne when he reaches Pandæmonium, the temple where he attempts to become Agito, though they refuse Naghi's request.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Naghi appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental Backup cards.


In Final Fantasy Type-0, Naghi is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo in the Japanese version. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

He is voiced by Daniel Robaire in the English version.